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Why God's Wrath Is Coming
The simple explanation is that wickedness continues. Sure there are some righteous people out there, but their number is shrinking. There are fewer people going to church. There are fewer people who actually study their Bibles as opposed to just reading them. There are fewer people who actually give their life to Jesus and serve God. And there are so many, who wear the name of Jesus, but live for Satan and self. Many just give it lip service because they have no intention of changing the way they live. Many have no intention of teaching and warning others of their ultimate destiny.
God has exercised His wrath upon peoples and nations in the past, and in a way, He still does. There is one final day of wrath that we read about in the Bible. It will be the day that the world will be judged by Jesus (Acts 17:30-31).
All the problems in the world can be attributed to those things that God calls wickedness or an abomination. The murder of innocent children was approved and there was cheering heard throughout the land. The forces of evil attack in our back yard, and very few are moved to find out why. Some go out of their way to deny what the truth actually is.
The age of political correctness is destroying this nation and others around the world. There is nothing you can imagine that does not offend someone somewhere. Sure we could offer a solution that would work to make this world better, but the majority in this world does not want it.
Imagine a world with no war because people loved and respected each other. Imagine everyone standing up for the rights of individuals no matter their station in life. Just try to imagine a world where greed was removed and everything was made available for the betterment of mankind. Imagine being able to afford your medicine and medical services. Just imagine a better world because people would treat each other fairly, honestly, and kindly just because God wants (commands) them to.
If more people would turn to God to serve Him, and return to Him if they had left, this world would improve tremendously. Of course that is wishful thinking. Those of us who know God's word realize that this could be if only others would start living the way God wants them to live. Not only that, God has promised rich and bountiful blessings if people would serve Him. A true student of history could tell you that the Judeo-Christian religion in America was a major factor in the prosperity of this country. Just realize that when people turned away from God, things started going bad, and they will continue to get worse.
Our days on this earth are not that long, and I feel sorry for the generations that must follow. I have seen the destruction and the destructive nature of the path humanity is following. I have seen warning after warning being responded with horrible epitaphs like bigot, racist, alarmist, and many too harsh to repeat here. God's wrath is coming upon not only our nation, but just about every nation on this planet. Righteousness is an endangered species that the majority wishes into extinction. Insects, bugs, and criminals are treated with much more respect than those who would live the righteousness of God. May we rise up to overcome this evil and put our trust in God.
By Carey Scott

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