Not long ago a well-known Hollywood entertainer made the statement in an interview that he and his wife had been able to restore their marriage to its original unity and harmony because they had taken the Bible as their only marriage manual. Went to reconstruct your marriage? Start with the Bible.

Some would say that it is the flesh that gets marriage off course. Ann Landers, the most read columnist in the United States, says "knowing what is right and wrong is no match for raw flesh.' Yet, Paul says that through Christ one can overcome the weakness of the flesh.

Some say that fear and guilt are what wrecks a marriage. The Bible tells us that perfect love casts out fear; forgiveness will remove guilt and guilt feelings. Faith in God is the only answer to this problem.

Again, some tell us that the lack of character is the main thing that wrecks a marriage. Well, how do you get character? The Bible tells us what character is and how to develop it.

There are those who tell us that immaturity is the greatest wrecker of homes. How are they going to grow up? Again, the Bible tells us how. We grow up by partaking of the 'sincere milk of the word and developing the habit of doing what is right to the best of our ability.

We are told that there are three things that case most marital failures immaturity, irresponsibility, and inhumanity. There is only one source of real help in solving these problems- the giver of all truth.

In order to rebuild a marriage four steps are necessary.

First, reaffirm the permanency of the marriage relationship. Jesus said, "What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder." God never at any time in the history of the world desired nor indiscriminate divorce.

Second, reaffirm the purposes of marriage. To not understand that there are more reasons for living together than for one's own satisfaction and gratification will cause multitudes of problems. To understand these purposes, according to the Scriptures will cause one to be content in the relationship although he or she may not at all times be getting those things that appeal to natural likes and dislikes.

Third, accept the fact that "marriages don't fail.' If our relationship has suffered it is because we have failed to fulfill our own obligations within that relationship. It is not your situation, nor your difficulties, nor your marriage partner, nor an other external factor that will make or break your marriage. It is your response to these things that will make or break your marriage.

Fourth, we must forgive and get out of the "past tense" and live in the present. No real relationship can be possible unless we practice forgiveness. Forgiveness means, 'giving life again. It means treating a person as if the offense had never happened. When God forgives, he forgets. We must do the same.

Yes, the Bible is the best marriage manual you can find. In fact, it has the answers to all of lives problems if only we will search for them.

Author Unknown

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