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God's Plans Are Perfect
Every plan of God is perfect. If we follow God's plans in every endeavor of life, we will be better off than by choosing not to follow His plan.
Psalm 19:7 tells us the law of the Lord is perfect. We learn that the Bible is fully sufficient to accomplish what God wants accomplished. It will only work if people follow the plan.
God has a plan for marriage that works. However, most people do not follow God's instructions.
God has a plan for health, yet most people ignore it.
God has a plan for success in all your endeavors, yet time and again, people think they can ignore God's plan and implement their own plans.
God has a plan for the salvation of man, but many men have changed that plan, and sadly it will not accomplish what they hope it will do. People will not be saved by following their own plan, or the plans of others; but only by following God's perfect plan.
The Bible is full of formulas that teach us how to make it through life and enjoy blessings that come as a result of those guidelines. We learn how to treat our fellow man. Often we consider that if people were considerate of others and treated others kindly how much better our world would be. If you think about it, most of the laws we are under are there because some people did not treat others properly.
Many of the laws of our nation were influenced by the people who tried to be righteous in God's eyes. Our constitution is based upon these principles, but many today are trying to ignore or totally remove it. Why? Because it makes reference to God, and their evil ways cannot stand such. They know they are evil and do not want people telling others that God does not approve of their choices in life. These people are selfish and do not care about God or treating others fairly. Now, some will do so if it is to their advantage, but for the most part, people do not care about others.
Every aspect of the human life is covered by one of God's formulas. There are many principles that if followed would produce great respect and admiration from others. These include how to conduct business, how to treat customers and employees, how to succeed in business. These principles teach us about being a good neighbor and to show compassion for others. These teach us the responsibility of a wife to her husband and a husband to his wife. These also teach us how to best serve our Lord so that He will be pleased with us, and eventually invite us into heaven. God's plan uses Christ as the door or gateway. Man's plan uses his own reasoning. Trust me, God's way is best.
By Carey Scott

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