Count Your Blessings
Many of us live everyday with a lot of frustration about events that we really cannot control. We fret about the upcoming elections and worry about the future of this nation we live in. We worry about family and friends and situations that we usually do not have the ability to control. We wish people would make good sound decisions, but they still do things that hurt themselves and others.
There comes a point where all this frustration becomes overwhelming and we just need to step back and let the world go on by. Yes, these events can and will have an impact upon our lives, yet there is very little we can control from those things. The only thing we can control is how we handle these events in our lives. This is where we should count our blessings.
We live in a time and a country where the citizens can choose their own representation. Just think of all the people who had no choice in the matter throughout history. While voting is a privilege we should not take lightly, countless millions never had a chance to voice their opinion. Just because we are blessed to vote does not mean that our representatives will echo our choices. This nation has allowed the slaughter of millions of innocent children. We do not like it, and God certainly does not like those whose hands shed innocent blood. We express concern that God may punish this nation for this, and we believe God has every right to do so. The problem is that we are in the path of that punishment. We do not go along with gay marriage. But we as Christians must realize that morality cannot be legislated. Even though it is wrong as it can be, and the people who practice immorality will be punished with eternal torment, it does not fit to make laws along these lines. These moral laws are from God. Yes, it would be preferable if our governments could legislate morality, but reality tells us that is not going to happen. Thus, we must sit on the sideline and deal with these issues ourselves.
While we cannot expect the government to control our morality, we should expect it from our brethren, families, and ourselves. We have many freedoms, but must also be careful to not allow our freedom to cause us to sin.
Because we are not alone in this problem, we have the benefit of other Christians helping us to stay on a pathway that is preferable for a Christian to be on, and one that God is pleased with.
So,let us not get depressed and stay frustrated about things this world does. The people of this world will have to answer to God for their behavior. What we have, we can control how we react and respond to.
Honestly, if you are a faithful Christian, you have more blessings than you can count. Even unfaithful Christians have blessings if they will just repent and return to God. Everyone has potential blessing if they will hear the gospel and obey God's word. So yes, we can truly count our blessings.
By Carey Scott

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