The responsibility of evangelism is not limited to preachers--it is the responsibility of every Christian. Evangelism should not be considered a task, but a way of life for every child of God. There are many avenues of service that Christians can use to reach others. Some of these methods are discussed below.

Personal Evangelism - Teaching the gospel through one-to-one studies has won many souls to Christ. Personal evangelism requires that we put aside our fears and confront people about their souls and where they will spend eternity.

Visitation Evangelism - Those who are sick or shut-in welcome visitors, and these visits often lead to opportunities to share the gospel of Christ. When we are attentive to the physical needs of others, they will be more receptive to a discussion about their spiritual needs.

Telephone Evangelism - This method involves using the phone to reach out to people. There are many occasions when a personal visit is not possible or advisable, and a phone call can accomplish much good and open a door of communication.

Youth Evangelism - Young people who are strong in the faith and who are knowledgeable about the Word of God make good teachers of other young people. Much productive work is done when young people "get on fire for the Lord." Youth have so much energy; we must encourage them and help them to direct it in the right way.

Bible School Evangelism - Our Bible classes provide one of the greatest chances for evangelism. Students should be encouraged to invite friends; teachers must remain keenly aware of their evangelistic opportunities and the responsibility with which they are entrusted.

As children of God, let us all renew our commitment to Him. Let us use those talents He has given us to reach and evangelize a lost world.

By Dale Grissom

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