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Too Limiting?
The law is an expression of the will of those who make laws. In our country, it is the people who are the ones to decide what is acceptable or unacceptable behavior in our society. The founding fathers of our country were amazing individuals. They crafted a constitution that has served this country well for over two hundred years. If our people were willing to allow our country to follow the constitution, it could continue for another two hundred years. As society turns away from God, we see more people who are not satisfied with staying within the parameters of the law. We often hear from the political and news shows that someone exclaims their displeasure about the constitution of our country. They claim it is too limiting. Well, it was designed to do that very thing. Some people want to do what they want to do, and the constitution stands in their way. There are calls from many segments of our society wanting to change the constitution. I am curious how they would do so, and what rights would they take away from the people in order for the government, a political party, or a dictator to have their way?
There is another constitution of sorts that we can discuss in this context. In many ways, the word of God is our agreed upon document whereby the will of God and the will of the people limits what actions and behaviors we can take. The majority of the national constitution was adopted using principles found in the constitution given to us by the Almighty God. Within the law of God, there are limitations to what people can do or say. There are guidelines that apply to all mankind, and we understand that if everyone followed the same guidelines, peace and harmony would be available to all. The Bible is a book that tells us how we are to interact with others. Whether the people we meet are strangers or dear friends does not matter. We are supposed to treat all people the same way. Even those who hate us are to be given the same courtesy as those who do nice things for us.
Often, men and women, remove themselves from the limitations that God has placed upon them. They choose to transgress the law of God. God calls this sin. These people now have the freedom to do what they want to do and they take every advantage to do those things. They do not regret doing those things that God calls sin. They find ways to justify themselves so that they can continue their ways with a clear conscience.
Some people have ventured so far away from God's word that they do not even realize there is a God. They do not realize they have an eternal soul. And they do not realize the destiny prepared for their souls. Some of these people realize that their actions have consequences for their souls. The Bible warns that those who continue in sin will suffer an eternal torment.
What are you going to do with the constitution that God has in place for you? Will you obey and keep it or will you ignore it to the destruction of your soul?

By Carey Scott

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