Will you Promise me to Read those Scriptures before you Smoke them?

¤ Many people today take the Word of God for granted. They argue that the Bible is just like any novel telling an interesting story. Others throw it in the trash bin, tear it, burn it etc.

¤ But let us read about this fascinating story of a man who used to tear off Bible pages to roll up his cigarettes.

"A Missionary in Zimbabwe was giving away Bibles. One man carefully felt the paper and he said he would like to have one. However, he wanted the missionary to know that he was only going to use it to roll cigarettes.

'Will you promise to read the pages before you roll your cigarettes?' the missionary asked. The man promised he would.

Several years later the missionary was back in Zimbabwe and though late, attended Church.
The preacher was obviously excited and interrupted his sermon to say, 'A man has just come in who does not remember me, but I remember him well!'

He told the story of the Bible given him and the promise he made. He said, 'I smoked Matthew, I smoked Mark, I smoked Luke, but when I came to John 3:16 I didn't smoke the pages anymore.'

He explained that by the time he got to John he knew the story of Jesus very well. He saw his sin and he saw his Saviour. His old life was buried in baptism. He was raised in Christ Jesus . And he started telling about Christ.

Spread the Word and God will see that it reaches receiving hearts."
- Norma J. Dye

¤ Before you tear that Bible to roll up your cigarettes,
• Please read John 3:16 - Jesus Loves you and He died for you. Do you Love Him? If you do please Obey His commandments (John 14:15).
• Please read Ephesians 1:13 - Hear the Word of TRUTH (John 14:6).
• Please read Romans 10:17 - Believe in Jesus Christ.
• Please read Luke 13:3 - Repent of your sins.
• Please read Matthew 10:32-33 - Confess your sins (Romans 10:9-10).

And before you throw away that Bible thinking that you've already been saved as per the world's version of salvation,
• Please read Mark 16:15-16 - Be Baptised (by Immersion) in Plenty water (John 3:23).
- The Bible teaches that Baptism Precedes Salvation. No Baptism, no Salvation. Baptism symbolizes the birth of a young one from it's mother, if we agree that this is true then we must agree that there is no baby that can be born before his mother is pregnant. Baptism also symbolises death, burial and resurrection, if we agree that this is true then we must also agree that there's no one who could be buried or even resurrects before he dies.

¤ Before you tear down those pages,
Please read about the reasons of why a sinner must be baptised!

He/she must be baptised:
• To be Saved (Mark 16:16).
• To receives Forgiveness of Sins (Acts 2:38).
• For sins to be Washed away (Acts 22:16).
• As a Pledge of Good Conscience
(1 Peter 3:21).
• To be Born Again by Water and Spirit
(John 3:3-6).
• To Die, be Buried and Resurrect with Christ (Romans 6:3-6).

¤ It is my prayer that before you burn, tear, throw, hide, discard or give away that Bible to please open it's pages, go to the aforementioned scriptures, read the Word of God, decide to Obey God rather than Satan nor mere man that also needs salvation.


Stay blessed in Christ.
Laughter Loves you.
Isaac Manyike via Daily Doses Of Faith via Facebook Group

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