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The Time We Have Is Now
Most young people do not dwell in the past because they do not have much of a past. As we age, we remember things from our past that makes us proud, and we also remember those things of which we are ashamed. Also, as we age, we realize that our bodies do not perform the same as in the past, and in our minds, we like to reminisce about our accomplishments. Perhaps we received an award, and we also realize that what we did, we did very well. Dwelling in the past may have its place, but spiritually speaking, that is something we are to give up. In Philippians 3:13, the apostle Paul tells us to forget what is behind, and reach forward to what lies ahead. In Revelation 2:5, John tells the church to remember from where you have fallen. So some things need to be remembered, and some things need to be forgotten. Just because you did something good, you cannot rest on that fact alone. The church at Ephesus is an example.
Then there are some who focus upon the future with all sorts of plans. They envision perhaps a big beautiful house and garden. Or they see themselves on extended vacations to exotic places. One thing we learn is that our plans need to consider God in our future. James 4:13 reminds us of our short time on earth in respect to eternity. Verse 15 instructs us to remember God by saying: "If the Lord wills"... Often, people plan their future and ignore God.
All we really have is "right now" or "today". What we do today does have a bearing upon our future. How we live today prepares us for tomorrow. Remember that tomorrow is always coming, but never gets here. In 2 Corinthians 6:2, we read that "today is the day of salvation". That is very true, for that is all we have. If someone decides that they will start serving God tomorrow, it will never happen. Too many people have the intention of getting right with God someday, just not today. This is a tragic mistake.
That is why it is so important to start today getting yourself in a right relationship with God. The Bible tells us that we do not know when the end will happen, and we also realize that time and chance happen to all alike. We are no more than a breath away from leaving this life. Driving down the road, you are literally a few feet away from sudden death. Accidents happen all the time, and hardly anyone is prepared to die. But we all will die, unless the Lord returns in which we will all be changed from the mortal to immortal.
In order to be prepared for the future, we must be right with God today. Waiting is so dangerous for our souls. Start by living for Jesus and serving like He did. Get yourself prepared to take up your cross (burdens) and follow Christ. Sure you will lose friends and perhaps family, but are you going to allow them to keep you out of heaven? Jesus said that anyone who does not forsake any of their family is not worthy of Him. So Christ has to be first in our lives, and He is the one we should seek to please. We are also told to expect persecution when we live godly lives (2 Timothy 3:12).
Today is the day you need to prepare yourself to be a servant of God. Yesterday is gone, no matter how faithful you were to God. Start living the new life today. Determine to awake each day as a new day with new opportunities to serve God and do His will.
By Carey Scott

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