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DNA vs. Evolution
For over a hundred and fifty years, the theory of Evolution has been taught as fact. The majority of those teaching it have been people who do not believe in the God of the Bible. They have criticized the Creation account, but as of yet, been unable to disprove it. They hold to their theory that life began with a lower lifeform and evolved into a higher life form. The prime example is that humans descended from monkeys. They teach this as fact and that it is an on-going process. But if it is an on-going process, why are there no examples of it happening today? There are many questions that plague the Evolutionary Theory which those who hold to it cannot explain. Such problem as caused them to question their own theory. While they recognize their problems, they are not willing to accept the Creation account. They will accept any theory offered, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, but they will not accept the account that teaches there is a God.
In the last fifty years a lot has been learned about DNA. As we understand it, DNA is the building blocks of life. In fact, every living thing has its own specific DNA. Of the seven billion plus people on earth, no two have the same DNA. The only exception is when doctors have transplanted organs into others. The DNA of the organ remains identified with the original body, while the recipient in the rest of the body maintains its own DNA.
When the process of procreation takes place and the egg is fertilized in the female, the embryo or fetus already has its own DNA which is unique to the body of the host mother. This should tell us that the child in the body is no longer the mother’s body to decide what to do with this living being. Abortion is murder any way you look at it.
Scientist and those trained in reading DNA can take such DNA and determine a whole story from it. Every cell in the body has the same DNA. It does not matter if it comes from an eye-lash or the blood or the waste from the digestive tract. The evidence of DNA has been used for years in identifying people who have committed crimes. It has been proven reliable.
Recently, a web based site which helps people with their family trees has been allowing people to send a sample of their DNA and the report informs them of their ancestry. These have to be accurate; otherwise oriental people will be told their ancestry is Nordic in origin? Now, those of us who believe in the Bible understand that through Adam and Noah all mankind has come into existence. From those two all the various races, and variations have come into existence. While there are Negroid, Caucasian, Mongolioid variations, they are still human. No variation exist whereby one can be considered anything but human. Depending upon blood type, all can share the same blood no matter what race you are.
In Genesis chapter one, we have the creation account. God was very specific to declare as he created life that every living thing would reproduce after its kind. That has not changed over the years. A dog still produces dogs, cats reproduce cats, and humans reproduce humans. It would take an example of a seed of corn to produce tomatoes to reflect the teaching of Evolution. So far, even with hybrid breeding, no plant has been able to produce anything other than its own kind.
It is certain to say that DNA has produced a major problem with the theory of Evolution. It is a problem even to the extent that many who once taught it have accepted the intelligent design concept; yet refusing to acknowledge the God of the Bible.
One of the main reasons they refuse to accept the God of the Bible is because they do not want to be held accountable for their actions. God has told us to Fear Him and keep His commandments. Most people want to be independent of God and live their life the way they want to live. They do not want the restrictions of God's laws to keep them from having their desires fulfilled. The more people struggle to eliminate God, the more evident it becomes that God is needed in every facet of our lives. Thank God for DNA. This shows God's handiwork in all of life.
By Carey Scott

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