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"O Come Let Us Sing"
This is the beginning of the 95th Psalm. We should have many reasons to sing and make melody in our hearts. Let us look at a few.
"O come let us sing for joy" Singing makes a heart glad, or so it should. I really enjoy singing. When you think of it, singing is the only act of worship in which all can participate. We not only blend our voices in the singing of psalms hymns and spiritual sings, but we fix our minds on the words and thought of each song. I realize that not everybody likes to sing. Singing is a command of God. Yet there are so many who do not sing. They may sit in the audience while others sing, but they do not open their mouth to sing, they do not mouth the words so as to let others think they are singing. They do not even pay attention to the words to see if there is any spiritual value to be had. Others may sing, but nobody hears them, except God. Our singing is to be towards one another. Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16 tells us we sing to encourage and admonish others. How is this done if they can't hear you? By failing to sing out, you are neglecting a command of God.
"O come let us sing to the LORD." If we can remember that we are singing to the Lord, we should not be embarrassed about our voices. We may sing off key, but God hears us perfectly. When we are singing, God hears the most amazing voice. Not from our vocal chords, but from our hearts. We express in song our love for God. We express our thanksgiving and even offer praise to His holy name. Why take a chance of missing heaven just because you are afraid someone might hear your voice?
"O come let us sing with thanksgiving." God has blessed us in many ways. Some live in expensive mansions and drive new cars. Some have all the nicer things in life, yet they can be so miserable. At the same time a poor person thanks God for even the tiniest morsel of food. When we can learn to be satisfied and content with what we have, our life gets a whole lot better. When we are happy, we are not fretting over our next meal or that expensive pair of shoes. We look at life differently. If we truly consider what God has done for us, we should be grateful and remember to pray to Him to thank Him.
"O come let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord our Maker"(Psalm 95:6). We really do not do this enough. Oh, sure, we go to worship service, but when did you actually get down on your knees before God? I know that it is easier for some than for others in a physical sense' but when was the last time you knelt before God mentally. This is the mental posture we should have every time we pray to God. We do so because God is great and has offered us salvation. Our God is the creator of this universe and we must realize that He made it good. Man through his selfishness has corrupted just about everything God has made good. But man does not have to control you, that is your choice.
"O come let us sing, and do not harden your hearts". We as human beings have emotions, and we can harden our heart to shut God out. Many people do. Open your heart to God and give Him praise. Obey His commands because He wants you to. There will be a reward for those who obey God, but there will be punishment for those who do not.
by Carey Scott

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