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Moral Courage
Some of the most touching stories we read or watch are the ones where someone risked or even gave their lives so that others could be saved from harm in life threatening situations.
We all would like to think that if a dire emergency happened near us, that we would have the courage to help someone in danger. We might even run into a burning building if we knew someone was inside. Most officials would say that it is a bad action. Leave the job to the professionals. But there is not always a professional when someone is in dire circumstances.
While there are probably many people who would not hesitate to help someone in danger, even willing to risk their own life to save someone; there are many who would not care about a soul that is in danger. That is a real tragedy.
There are souls all around us who are on the pathway to hell. Who knows that maybe a soft word of encouragement would help them to examine their spiritual condition. So why are we not bringing up the subject of God or spiritual mindedness?
We are afraid of ridicule. We are afraid that someone will be upset with us. We are afraid that they might call you names. And we are afraid that they may not want to be around us.
We have to be aware that if we are going to claim to be a Christian, that we will suffer persecution for our faith (1 Timothy 3:12). Remember that the people who had faith in God suffered horrible things in the past (Hebrews11:32-38). The great patriarchs of our faith demonstrated a willingness to die for the Lord. Should we not try to be like them?
It is not likely that such a need for courage will happen today. Or is it out of the realm of possibility? In some parts of the world it is. Right now an American preacher is facing a trial in Iran for setting up house churches to worship God. It is against the law to convert out of the Muslim faith, and that crime carries the death penalty. Brethren all over the world have suffered many trials by various governments, or political influences.
These fears we have are all the tools that Satan uses against us. Nobody likes to be embarrassed. Yet the ridicule of non-believers can do exactly that very thing. We must not fall into that trap that Satan puts before us. The value of the souls of those around us cannot be measured by how I feel about myself. Christ died for these souls, and God sent His Son to die for these souls. For me to deprive them of the good news of salvation simply because I might be embarrassed, or labeled, or worst, rejected by friends and family is nothing but pure selfishness.
There is a definite danger that we will deny Christ. That is not a good thing at all. Our selfishness will deny Christ and what He stands for. We need to realize that victory is in Christ and salvation comes to those that love the Lord and obey the commandments of God found in the Bible. We can overcome all of Satan's weapons against us, by putting our trust in God and Jesus, and do His will.
By Carey Scott

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