1. To hear a man say he has no way to attend the services when he can attend all the sporting events held within miles.

2. To hear a woman say she can't attend the services because she has nothing to wear, when she can parade herself before hundreds in any uptown bargain basement or movie.

3. To hear parents say they cannot make their children attend Bible study when when they can make the children attend public school, go to the dentist or doctor, or anywhere else they choose to have them go.

4. To hear a man say he doesn't have money to give to the Lord --- as he breaks open another pack of cigarettes or sticks a cigar in his mouth.

5. To hear a Christian say he wants to see the gospel preached in all the world, and then puts only 50 cents or one dollar in the collection plate to be sure he is doing his part.

6. To hear some filthy-tongued hypocrite tell a smutty and nasty story to attract attention of other weak and feeble-minded people.

7. To hear some spineless church member excuse sin by saying, "Oh, I guess there's no harm in it just this one time."

8. To hear some seemingly pious preacher talk about love and unity, and then bring something into the church which God's word says nothing about, thereby causing division.

------ Selected, source unknown.

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