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Be Prepared
We understand that this has been the motto of the Boy Scouts for many years. It was a good thing to teach young men to be prepared to assist others and jump into action when needed. Of course, with the direction that organization is going, preparedness is probably the last thing on their minds.
But we also understand that being prepared helps us to cope and deal with the issues we might face at any given time. Businesses that work in dangerous environments are always prepared to jump into action. This preparedness comes from first recognizing a potential hazard is in place. Second, to warn the workers that a hazardous condition exists. Third, to train the workers how to be safe for themselves and then for others. And then to train them in the methods and procedures if and when the situation becomes dangerous. Then, continue to train.
Some people place certain tools in their car, just in case of an emergency of their own or possibly to help someone else in their emergency.
With all the litigation in our society, many companies have posted warning signs, and have the necessary equipment on hand to deal with any possible emergency situation. The school children are taught the procedures in case there is a fire, or approaching bad weather.
While each person has a responsibility to use the tools properly, and refrain from personal habits which could cause dangerous situations, things must be in place in case someone does something dumb and causes a problem. This preparation is almost like insurance. I have found that the most dangerous places to work are almost the safest places to work. The reason is because everyone is aware that it is a dangerous place. Many signs are posted reminding the workers just what kind of danger they are in, and extensive training in prevention and recovery are constantly impressed upon the workers.
Being prepared to go to heaven is a little different. Because we are talking about the soul and its eternal destiny. A fire or explosion may kills us, but being unprepared to face our Creator is just plain dumb.
It is far more serious than physical preparedness. The manuals and books that businesses use are required by law to be in places where they can easily be referenced. Sadly many Bibles may be lying around, but they are seldom consulted. That makes it a dangerous place when people will not follow the rules or adhere to the proven plans and guidelines. When workers are not properly trained, there is a possibility that they could die, or cause someone else's death or injury. When people ignore the Bible, they put their souls into a dangerous situation.
The Bible is our instruction manual in how to get everyone safely into heaven. If people will follow the instructions and accept the training seriously, it could happen. But people fail to consider their souls much at all. The Bible is our instruction manual and guide, and paying attention to it can save our souls. Everyone has a soul, and there are only two destinations for the soul. A horrible existence for those who are unprepared, and an eternal bliss for those prepared. Take a moment and read the story of the ten virgins in Matthew 25:1-13. You must be honest with yourself and educate yourself to become prepared for the end of your life.
By Carey Scott

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