Some people do not know just when each is appropriate. Some humans have more common sense than others, to be sure. I am sure we have all seen the photo of the pit bull that decided to fight the porcupine. Sometimes it is more noble to just walk away from a fight. But alas, people and pets do not learn their lesson. To stand your ground and battle it out with a skunk is pure stupidity.
Yet people ignore danger and obvious bad situations just so they do not lose face. And when they have received the full brunt of the danger, wonder why it happened to them. Many people are in this boat. No matter how much we warn them of the dangers of hell, they choose to stay their course and keep themselves engaged in sinful activities. When faced with a skunk, it is no time to argue about your civil rights. IT IS TIME TO RUN AWAY!!!
In the Bible there are several passages that tells us to flee things that can harm our souls. Flee youthful lusts, fornication, idolatry, from the wrath to come, and from every appearance of evil.
These things can destroy our soul, and we need to keep our distance. Paul told us that God will protect us by providing the way of escape in 1 Corinthians 10:13. We need to follow the example of Joseph when the temptation was near, he fled. So we must get out however we can with haste and dispatch.
If we will flee from sin, God will help us develop into what a good Christian should be.
There are times though, when we are supposed to fight the good fight. Yes, it is easier to flee a fight and not get involved in spiritual discussion or doctrinal discourses. The encouraging words to Timothy told him to hold the patter of sound words, and the message we get from the apostle is that we must not give in when error is taught. We cannot be silent when a doctrine is taught where the end result is souls being lost. Every Christians is duty bound to uphold the truth, and rebuke the gainsayers. We have the responsibility to expose error and those who teach error. Realize that if we do, they will make accusations against you as being some sort of trouble maker or watchdog. If they were not teaching error, there would be no need for you to expose them.
We are to fight for souls. Our fight is not against carnal weapons, but it is a spiritual fight we engage in. We must be soldiers of the cross. We must serve Jesus. We do not have to worry about outfitting an army, because God has done that for us. He gives us the proper tools and weapons to have the confidence to be engaged in this fight. This is a spiritual confrontation. Our enemy has been bombarding us relentlessly since the day we abandoned him, and decided to follow Jesus. Just imagine the good we could do if we employed the same degree of intensity to trying to save souls, as Satan uses trying to get us back? Christian, do your part.
By Carey Scott

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