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Lessons Learned From A Pencil
There was a story told many years ago about the space program as they were working on things to assist the astronauts in their duties. The planning committee sent a request to the research department asking for a writing instrument that would work in places where there was no gravity, and could write at any angle. The committee was shocked when a young intern suggest they use a pencil.
People have found various uses for pencils over the years. Many children find they can break real easily with just the right force. They also learn that they can make many trips to the pencil sharpener, and try to get out of their assignments.
But let us notice some things about pencils that we can place a spiritual application for ourselves.
Pencils work best when they are used properly. They are designed to do a job, and the best way to do that job is to be put in someone's hand. A hand that will guide it through the motions to accomplish what it is designed for. A Christian should allow themselves to be guided by the hand of God, by following His direction given to us through the Word.
A pencil is designed to leave a mark wherever it is used. Now some toddlers use pencils in ways that mommy does not like, and usually requires some cleaning up to do. But Christians should leave a mark wherever they go, they should leave an influence for the better.
The best part of a pencil is what is inside. Pencils come in many colors and many are used for advertising. There are different shapes for different styles or hand shapes. But no matter what the outside looks like, the teaching is more interested in what the pencil produces at the hand of its user. That is what a Christian should be; a better person inside than outside. While the outside has many opportunities to present itself with a type of beauty, we must remember that beauty is skin deep and only in the eye of the beholder.
Just like a pencil must endure sharpening to be the best it can be, so also a Christian needs to go through various trials to strengthen and make it better. The chastisement of the Lord is not a pleasant thing, but we are better for it. We read that in Hebrews 12. We should consider it joy when we endure various trials, because it makes us stronger and our faith is made surer. We read that in James 1.
One of the best qualities of a pencil is that mistakes can be corrected easily with an eraser. That does not work so well with ink. The Christian has the ability to go to God and have errors corrected. Through baptism our sins are removed from us, and we start with a clean slate. As a Christian, we still make mistakes and commit errors, but we have the assurance that if we confess our sins, God will forgive our sins. We read this in 1 John 1.
There are many objects that we use or see daily that can help remind us of spiritual matters. Be like a pencil, and God will use you to His glory.
By Carey Scott

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