Indifferent About Sin
Throughout the history of mankind, people have been indifferent about sin. From the very first man, at the instance of his sin, he tried to affix the blame elsewhere. While some people are ashamed of their sins, many just revel in their sins. No shame whatsoever. There is a passage in Jeremiah speaking about the sins of the people becoming so commonplace, that they had forgotten how to blush (Jeremiah 6:15).
I wonder if we are not also infected by such sin. To even think of some sins, should cause us to be uncomfortable about it, especially if we are involved. Yet many do not give it a second thought until all of a sudden they are exposed and embarrassed. There was a time, and many of our elderly friends and neighbors could tell you that appearing in public with the scant clothing many display today was so embarrassing to bring up, even the thought of such was considered of such nature that repentance was in order. Not only did they not wear such clothing, they would not even look upon such clothing, as the nakedness of men and women needs to be covered.
Yet, in our world, there are places where clothing is optional, and if you can't handle it, you are just a prude. A trip to the local Wal-Mart will demonstrate just how much people are concerned about their appearance. Not only the lack of clothing, but some of the writing on the clothing is deplorable. And the sad thing is that the people who wear such do not even realize that they should be ashamed of their appearance. Even Christian men and women have blurred these lines, and cannot tell what is wrong with such.
Here is one reason why. The Bible tells us that sin is pleasurable. Even though it is wrong, and people are warned to avoid sin or else face the consequences. There is so much to satisfy the lust of the flesh and eyes that most people simply do not care anymore. Are we not infected with this blight when we continue to display our nakedness to people not in our immediate family? Are we so desensitized to sin, that when it is prominently displayed on the TV screen, that we just don't pay attention and watch it anyway? Are we so used to the vulgarities we are exposed to that it no longer shocks us when we hear them? Have we joined with our neighbors in speaking the trashy language of the streets?
Friends, things have not changed. These exact things I am referring to were a problem to the people in Malachi's day. The people were so used to sin that they were indignant that the prophet would dare accuse them of sin. "What have we done?" Their problem was even if the Lord through the prophet listed their sins, one by one, they would shake their head and deny that such is that bad. The world glorifies sin, and that poison has infected many who wear the name Christian.
May we pray that God will have mercy upon us.
By Carey Scott

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