The Tragedy of Unbelief

Hebrews 3:12

I. Unbelief keeps us from seeing the mighty works of God (Matt. 13:58).

II. Unbelief keeps us from performing mighty works for God (Matt. 17:20;

John 14:12; Matt. 11:11).

III. Unbelief needs to be repented of with tears (Mark 9:24).

IV. Unbelief is not pleasing to the Lord (Mark 16:14; Heb. 11:6).

V. Unbelief does not make void God's faithfulness (Rom. 3:3).

VI. Unbelief staggers at God's promises (Rom. 4:20).

VII. Unbelief can cause the chosen people of God to be broken off (Rom. 11:20).

VIII. Unbelief can keep us from being grafted back in (Rom. 11:23).
IX. Unbelief will keep us out of heaven(Heb. 3:19; 4:11).
X. Unbelief will condemn us to hell (Rev.21:8; Luke 12:46; Mark 16:16).

By Victor Knowles

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