God Will Never Lie To You
God has already spoken all that He will ever say up until judgment day. We read in the letter to the Hebrews that it is impossible for God to lie. Since God has spoken, and His word is more than powerful to bring about salvation for mankind, God will never take the opportunity to speak to you this side of judgment.
We hear people all the time speaking of how God spoke to them in a vision or dream. The truth is that they wanted to do something and convincing themselves that God approves of it is of their own imagination. The problem is that whatever message they bring from their "supposed" encounter with God will be something that God has not spoken. If the message contradicts the Bible, it cannot be right. And if the message confirms the Bible, why was it needed in the first place? So anyone who tells you that they have a message from God is going to be a liar. Any message that is contrary to God's word, the Bible, is a lie and those who follow lies will not get to heaven. In fact, all the doctrines and precepts of men are lies, and the followers of those lies will spend eternity in hell, if they do not turn and conform themselves to the teaching of the Bible.
The people of the Old Testament were always asking for God to come down, do some great miracle, and give His instructions; and the people said they would conform accordingly. The prophets reminded them that God has already spoken, and the people have not been faithful to God; so why would any new revelation be heeded by men? It would not be likely that any new revelation would change the hearts of those so determined not to serve God the way God wants to be served.
Since God will never lie to you, how can you be deceived? The Bible informs us that Satan is the great deceiver. The Bible shows us many examples of deception. Some are part of the grand scheme of things, while some are just outright lies. Often times, the most deception comes from our own minds, as we try to justify our failures that are in opposition to God's word. We might even begin to compare ourselves with people who are a lot worse than we are. This might make us feel good about ourselves, but that still does not stop the deception. The only standard that God has given us to live by is Jesus Christ. He is the one we should compare ourselves to. He is our perfect example in living and dying. He is what we should try to be. Granted, we will never walk on water or heal the lame or blind; but His life is one of trying to please God in all things. That is what our goal should be.
To learn what God has already spoken, just go to His word and read/study/examine the Bible and make adjustments in your life to bring yourself into conformity with His word. Romans 12:1-2 speaks of not conforming to the world, but to be transformed by the renewing of the mind to demonstrate and prove what is the perfect word and work of God.
By Carey Scott

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