This is what I call a standard reply by those who have no real comprehension of God's word and usually after they have disagreed with us on some point of scripture. It's like a 'code phrase' which tells me they are happy with what they believe regardless of what I or the bible have to say; and that they are not willing to discuss the subject any farther.

I wonder however, if they realize the seriousness of the accusations with which they have charged God. By holding such views they have accused God of at least two things: 1) giving us a book (the bible) we all can't understand the same, thereby defeating his purpose of teaching us about him and the way to eternal life, 2) giving us a book he knew we couldn't all understand and then holding us accountable for not obeying its teachings. If he couldn't give us a book we all could understand, then he is not the all knowing God his book claims. If he could but didn't, then he is not the loving God he claims to be. Either way, I would not want to face God in the judgment after making such outlandish and unfounded accusations.

When people disagree there are only three possibilities: 1) either I am right and you are wrong, 2) you are right and I am wrong, 3) or we are both wrong! We both can't be correct and differ at the same time. To arrive at more than one conflicting solution indicates a problem, not with the scriptures, but with those interpreting them. God's commandments can have only one meaning in one place therefore, there can be only one correct way to understand them. These commandments are not subject to change or to the whims of man, so we either understand them or we don't.

So why do we have all kinds of different interpretations of the same scriptures? There are several possibilities: A) Improper hermeneutics, A failure to properly follow correct procedure in studying a subject. B) Traditions, many simply follow what they have been taught or what has always been practiced by them or their peers, assuming it to be correct. C) A failure to compare what their church teaches with what the scriptures teach. A very basic fact often overlooked is, if you practice something you must be able to give book, chapter and verse for such practices. Most however, base their teachings on what some man or group of men have told them is true. Creeds written by them or anyone have no scriptural authority and should not be followed under any circumstances.

Given the fact there is an estimated three thousand different denominations in this country alone, each teaching slightly different things on the same subject, should make one at least a little suspicious. They also fail to realize each person has a responsibility to study and determine the truth for themselves. Placing your soul in the hands of someone else is not only foolish but could cost you eternal life with God.

Finally, if we can't all understand our bible alike, the book itself is meaningless and the instructions given are without significance and no one may know how to find salvation.

The good news is …we all can understand God's word, if we choose.


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