Making Right Choices
The word in the Bible that is translated: choice, means to pick or select. The Bible is full of examples of choices being made, and is full of many things for which mankind must make a choice.
Most of the time, God gives a person a choice between two things. You will find a few people in the Bible where God gave them a choice between three things, but that is rare. Never do we find a person who was offered a choice of more than three things. When the choice is only between two things, the person making the choice must weigh out the pros and cons of each and make a decision that is for their benefit or more towards their liking. This is where the problem arises, because people are selfish and usually want things done their way.
God offers each man and woman a choice to either be obedient or disobedient. The person given that choice usually has the options and benefits listed if they will do one or the other. For the most part, God wants people to be obedient to His commands, and when they do, they will receive blessings. But God also warns people, that if they choose disobedience, they will suffer punishment. It sounds like a no-brainer, but people's selfishness gets in the way. Often times, they will create in their own minds a third or fourth option and run with it. The problem is that God only gives two options and that is the truth, and nobody is going to change that.
The Lord has given us the ability to make the choice in our lives if we will follow His ways. We each have the responsibility to make our own choice. If we choose the wrong thing, we will suffer throughout eternity for the choice we make.
Joshua told the people to choose whom they were going to worship and serve (Joshua 24:15).
God had warned the children of Israel to choose wisely and choose good so that it would go well with them, yet they lived differently than they were supposed to.
Throughout the Bible we have God giving people a choice and offering good things for them making the right choice, but most turned their backs on God and refused to listen to Him.
Jesus said that this choice was between God and man, and also said that it was between God and the things of this world (mammon).
The truth about a choice is that only one option is available. One cannot have both choices. Many people love this world so much that they cannot let go, but also feel a sense of duty to God and thus try to serve both masters. Jesus said it could not be done.
Examine yourself and determine if your choices are such that God will bless you or otherwise. Then turn and do right before God. Choose Him. Choose life. Choose righteousness. Choose obedience, and have life everlasting. Your eternal destiny is dependent upon your choice.
By Carey Scott

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