Are People Ignoring The Solution?
Whenever I am driving around, I like to listen to the radio. Most of the time, I am tuned into talk radio. I found out years ago that if you get involved in talk radio, your mind is crisp and clear and it was really the only thing that kept me awake when I was working the night shift and trying to get home without falling asleep.
Let's face it about the reality of talk shows. Their goal is to attract and keep listeners, so that the sponsors will have a larger audience to sell their product to.
In the wake of mass killings and murders by guns, one of the hottest topics is the issue of gun control. The hosts and guests usually have an agenda to promote while talking about guns and what they do. Do guns have a place in our society? Hunting and personal protection are the two most prolific arguments for them. Murder and school shootings are the most prolific arguments against them. Both sides have some legitimate arguments to offer.
There has been much talk from politicians about removing guns from society, and that is the wrong solution. There has been talk about arming everyone and teaching them gun responsibility, but that is also the wrong solution.
The real problem is our culture that promotes killing. The movies and video games do this. I know years ago, the concept was the battle between good and evil, with good usually winning and making us feel good. The early western hero's never murdered anyone, and lots of times their aim was good enough to shoot the gun out of the outlaw's hands and then he was arrested for being a bad guy. That does not happen today. Our culture is apparently okay with the concept of abortion. Abortion is murder, and more sadly, legalized murder. The taking of a life that is purely innocent of any crime should be appalling, but people are selfish and do not care about others when it comes to their rights.
The kids in gangs that are killing each other are tolerated by society because nobody else will try to stop the violence, so let them kill each other. They say the same about other cultures and foreign countries.
I could go on and on, but let me say the only solution is to teach everyone a respect for life, and accountability towards God. God gave us a very good deterrent to crime by introducing us to the concept of punishment in eternal torment. God through the Bible has given us a vivid description of how horrible hell is, in the hopes that we would do whatever it takes to avoid such a place. When society takes God out of the picture, nothing stands as a deterrent anymore. Our judicial system gives murderers light sentences. In fact, some murderers get lighter sentences than shoplifters these days.
God's solution is that people are to love one another. If we do that, there should be no killing other than the accidental type. If we followed the instruction of the Bible and gave swift sentences to crime, and if we make the punishment equal to the crime, a lot of this problem would clear up. Ecclesiastes 8:11 reads: "Because the sentence against an evil deed is not executed quickly, therefore the hearts of the sons of men among them are given fully to do evil".
Morality has taken a hold of mankind as offensive and violating of people's rights. At least that is how it appears today. We cannot hope anytime soon that people will all of a sudden turn around and behave morally. So killing with guns will continue and our world will just cope with all the evil that is done. Until people turn to God and live by God's standards, the killing and evil will continue to be a bane on our society.
Most people realize this, but are unwilling to acknowledge it.
Let us all work to bring God back to the forefront of people's lives, and start making this world a better place.
By Carey Scott

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