A Price Must Be Paid

Nothing is more thrilling than to be a part of a growing wide-awake church. It is deeply gratifying to see the work expand both physically and spiritually. If I had a choice, I would never elect to be a member of a sleepy, slow-moving congregation whose progress could hardly be measured. Nearly any congregation can be an active and dynamic church if its membership is willing to pay the price. This is the reason there are so few churches which truly conduct a great program of work. Are we willing to pay the price or are we content to rock along in sleepy indifference? The difference could well mean the salvation of our souls. Consider the price that must be paid.

TIME - We must find the time in our busy lives to spend in the service of God. Not just a few hours a week - but as much time as it would take to operate a successful business or to farm in a profitable way. Each member must acknowledge that God has first claim on his time. It takes a lot of time to do the job right and if you don't have the time, then who does?

EFFORT - Nothing takes the place of work. It doesn't matter how well organized we are if we don't have a mind to work. There is no problem finding someone who will suggest a plan. The problem is in finding someone who will work the plan. We are rich in ideas. What we need are a few workers.

MORAL PURITY - The fastest way to kill a church is to tolerate sin. To be alive and active, discipline must be exercised. When members insist on being worldly or indifferent, our fellowship should be quickly withdrawn from them. No congregation can regard sin lightly and ignore God's moral law and continue to do well.

MATERIAL SACRIFICE - It takes money and material goods for the church to function. Many good works must be neglected simply because they cannot be financed. Do you believe that your financial contribution is the truest test of your religion.

I wonder - would Christ be pleased with the church if he came tomorrow and reviewed our work and progress? Would he consider me a help to the church or a hindrance? There is a great price that must be paid if the church is to be a dynamic influence for good. Who wants to face God at judgment as a sleepy member of the church?

"So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth." (Rev. 3:16) It is quite evident, if we are lukewarm now in the work of the lord, we have his promise that things will get "hotter" later on.

By James Segars

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