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Answer The Question
There is a reason that many people will not answer the question. For most, it will demonstrate either an ignorance or a rebellious nature.
Once a person answers a question, it shows that they know something. Knowledge of things in general might be good for trivia games or displaying wisdom for others to see. The important knowledge that we all need is that which will assist us in becoming more like what God wants us to be over time.
Ask a simple question to get a yes or no answer. Yet the person being asked has every expectation of a follow up question, and having to answer a follow up question will demonstrate much about them.
Have you noticed that often times, people will not answer some questions. They try to divert the discussion towards what they are comfortable in dealing with. They know that their answer could be used against them.
Jesus was approached and asked to answer the question about His authority for his teaching and practice. Jesus responded with a simple question whether the baptism of John was from God or man. The men involved reasoned that if they answered one way or another, they would be in trouble from somebody, and they would be embarrassed by what Jesus would reply.
In my internet experience, I have often come across people who feel that they do not need God or the bible as a guide. I might ask them a question like: "Do you believe there is a God?". If they answer yes, I ask them: "Then why do you not obey Him". If they answer with a no, I would ask them to evaluate nature and determine whether we exist by accident or by an intelligent designer.
Some people teach that everything we need concerning salvation is that which we find in ourselves. Obviously such does not agree with the scriptures. They try to divert your attention by coming up with philosophical mutterings that do not deal with a person's responsibility towards God.
How often, when we read in the Bible where people are dealing with God that God ask them a question?
The purpose of the question is to get them to think about what they are doing. When God asked Job if he established the earth or put the stars in the heavens, it was obvious that Job knew that he did not do it, but God did. Take some time and go through the Bible and see the many questions that are posed by God. See if God is not teaching a lesson by the questions.
Many people will question things about God, but not for the purpose of seeking the truth, but seeking a reason where they do not have to be obedient to God. For the person who is not interested in serving God will find any reason or excuse will do.
There are many who do not obey God, but still admit to having a personal relationship with God. That is nothing more than a cop-out. Remember that the Bible teaches that God will punish those who do not know Him and do not keep His commandments (2 Thessalonians 1:8).
By Carey Scott

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