Note: this is a sample flyer to be passed out. Copy it and make the necessary changes and use this or a similar style in offering Bible studies to those you know. The members of your congregation can also use such a flyer.

Are you willing to let the Bible be your only rule of faith and practice?

Are you willing to study the Bible and the Bible only with someone that wants to do the same thing in the same way?

Are you willing to lay aside every manmade doctrine and creed and take the Bible for what it says in matters religious?


If you answer yes to the above questions then you and I ought to really enjoy studying together. I hope you will allow me/us to come into your home each week free of charge with no obligation to you in any way except to encourage you to study your Bible and see if the things taught by us are true according to the Word of God. For I/we do not desire to teach anything in Bible Studies that are not according to the Bible. First of all, I/we do not want to be wrong because of my/our own soul's salvation. Secondly, I/we do not want to lead anyone else astray from His word.

If any question or comment comes to your mind during our studies now or in the future, please contact us. Every consideration will be given to any question or comment you might have. I/we do want to encourage you to study with us on a regular basis.

May God bless you as you study His word to determine what He wants you to do and to be while you live upon this earth.

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