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Facebook Is My Bible

Facebook is my Bible
I read it everyday
Whether it be morning, noon, or evening
From it far I never stray

On my computer
On my phone
It's at my work
It's in my home

It's always by my side
A constant companion to be
Checking on friends statuses
And uploading self portraits of me

This is why I love facebook
It's give me anonymity
I can be in everyone's business
And they never even see

This is why I love facebook
It's a distraction from the mundane
It keeps me connected to the world
And gives me a place to complain

This is why I love facebook
Because it's all about me
What I do, How I feel, what I like
It's my little place in history

Facebook is my bible
I read it everyday
It inspires and motivates
It's a place I laugh, cry, and play

But if Facebook is my bible
What does that really say?
About the life I am living now
And my priorities each day?

Sure there is good on here
But certainly not like the "good book"
What would my life be like
If I spent more time in the bible than on facebook?

If Facebook is my bible
Then there's some changes I need to make
Get my priorities in order
And really "live" for heavens sake!

For all the good and fun
Facebook in my life daily brings
I pray it never distract me
From the real book to which my heart is to cling

Facebook is not my bible
It's just a place to interact
I hope that in the life of my family
It never becomes more... than just that.

- David Osteen

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