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Who Do You Invite Into Your Life?
As I travel down the road, I sometimes listen to music on the radio or play my tunes that I have saved. One of the most effective media to help me stay awake and alert is to listen to talk radio. Sports, local issues, or political views are talked about and as long as I get involved in the conversation, my mind is going and active. I often wonder that if I ever called that program, would the host treat me fairly and listen to my thoughts, or just go off on a rant. I was thinking about this today and realized that I have invited this person who is speaking into my life. He/she may never come near me, but as long as I listen to them on the radio, they have become part of my life. They also tend to influence me in my political or sports thinking. So that brings up the question: Who do you invite into your life?
Actually anyone and everyone you choose to let in. It may be someone on the TV or movie screen; someone on radio; your friends and neighbors; or perhaps the grocery store clerk. Yes, even the person you choose to live the rest of your life with is invited by your choice.
Now there are some who are going to be a part of your life whether you like it or not. Family comes to mind as we cannot pick and choose them. The teachers at school will be a big influence on your life. Maybe the bible class teacher or preacher will mold some of your character.
One very important question you should be asking about all of these people you have invited into your life is this: Does this person care if I go to heaven or not?
Wow, this is what we call a test of character. If the people you choose to let into your life are not helping you get to heaven, do you really need them? Should you even want them there influencing you? Now, most people do not care about spiritual matters, and they certainly do not care to assist others to reach heaven. What many of them do is plot ways to get you to turn from God and stay away from God. Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 15:33 that bad company corrupts good morals. If you care about your soul, you need to make sure you are inviting the right people into your life.
You can start with the best by choosing Jesus to come into your life. This is partially done by you inviting Him, but also it is done because He has already invited you through the Gospel. Obedience to the Gospel will bring you into a relationship with Him and God. They will encourage you through the word to seek God first in all things, and Their promise to you will be to help you get to heaven. Finding Christians to invite into your life is a great thing to do. It is through their encouragement and chastisement that they will keep you on the correct path through life. These are the friends you can count on to help you. Those of the world are untrustworthy because they do not care about spiritual matters; they do not think about getting to heaven, and they could care less if you want to be spiritually minded. In fact, if you choose to be spiritually minded, they will drop you as a friend and get you out of their life as soon as possible.
So how is it we still have friends of this world in our life? Chances are that you have not been promoting a spiritual lifestyle. I challenge you to speak to your friend about Jesus, and see if they are interested. You will only do it if you care for their immortal soul.
We are all faced with many things in our lives. Inviting people into our lives that will help us get to heaven is something we should be doing.
By Carey Scott

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