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How Do People Reason (Abortion)?

The story in a Reader’s Digest article a few years ago was unbelievable. It shows the depraved,
twisted, and one-sided way some people reason. The story shows how our present day society makes a play on words, while missing the point that they have totally misrepresented the word used.

The story was about a Chinese doctor and her refusal to kill a baby. The Chinese government had passed a law that allows only one child per family. If a second child is conceived, the child must be aborted. There is a heavy punishment for bearing a second child. In this particular case a mother had been arrested and ordered to abort her second child. The child was eight months along and almost ready for delivery. As is the case, sometimes the abortion did not work as expected and the child was born alive. The nurse called the doctor so that the doctor might insert an iodine solution into the brain of the child through the soft spot in the infant’s head. This would kill the child in just a few minutes. When the doctor saw the healthy male child she refused to kill the child. As the story goes the doctor was banished to a remote mountainous village. She later escaped to the United States. What you have just read sounds like the doctor had some pain of conscience about murdering babies. Just the opposite, she admitted that she had no hesitancy about performing first-trimester abortions; she just would not kill a baby that had been delivered alive.

We ask, “What’s the difference?” “Why a pain of conscience over killing a child out of the womb, but not any remorse over killing a baby in the mother’s womb?” At the end of the article was a brief article by the editor lamenting the fact that babies are buried alive or are killed by injection in China.

Our politicians sit smugly in our country and try to tell China how to run its business, including human rights. The U.S. thinks it is wrong to kill born babies. However, nothing was said about the use of abortion. That’s permissible. In fact, it is even permissible in the United States. This brings us to the word used so loosely by such people. To kill a child is called infanticide. We know the Bible stories: how the pharaoh of Egypt ordered the killing of all male Israelite babies, and Herod having all male children killed in order to kill the King of the Jews. Please notice how this word is used by such people as the advocates of abortion. The killing of this young boy after it was born was called infanticide. Now I ask again what was the difference in killing the young boy a few minutes after it was born and killing the child just a few minutes earlier while still in the mother’s womb. How could one killing be infanticide and the other not? The child was the same child inside the womb as he was outside the womb: same age, same weight, same sex, same development, same health same color of eyes, etc. In fact the only difference was the few inches that he had traveled from the mother’s womb to the outside world and a few minutes of time. Yet, one killing is permissible and one is not. One killing is murder according to society and the other is not. One killing is simply called abortion and the other is called infanticide. How unreasonable; in fact, how stupid can educated human beings be? And how stupid to use a word so loosely just to justify the desires of a society gone mad. In our country alone more than 4,000 babies are killed each day in the name of abortion. That adds up to more than 1,252,000 (1.25 MILLION) babies killed each year in our country alone. If we in the USA kill more than one million each year voluntarily, can we imagine how many million China kills each year by government order. India is also a country where abortions are rampant. France and England already administer the RU484 pill which allows women to abort their own child without going through the procedure at a clinic. Friends, this is telling us that SEVERAL MILLION babies are killed each year, all in the name of abortion.
How long will the Lord put up with us for not crying out? If doctors can suck the brains out of a child whose head is still barely in the womb, what is the difference with sucking his brains out just a few minutes after it is born. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE! Both are infanticide! Both are murder!
By John D. Cotham

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