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Why Should We Talk Of Spiritual Matters?

If you read my posts everyday, I am sure some of you shake your heads and ask yourself, Why does Penny always have to post bible stuff? Why does she think she has all the truth and answers? Why is she SOOOO concerned about everybody?
Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions while reading my page? The question begs an answer, Why is the church of Christ so worried about MY SOUL? Why do they care where I go when I die ? Why is the church of Christ always emphasizing the Gospel Truth ? Why don't they just worry about their own souls and leave me alone?
The answer is Because WE are commanded to share the gospel . We are to love others like Jesus did. We are to continue to preach and teach the truth Even if people do not want to hear it. We can not force anyone to actually open up the bible and read along to see that what is posted is the whole truth. We are genuine in our sorrow over people who just will not listen or just don't care about salvation. We should ALL live like we are dying......Because day by day we are dying physically :
Sobering and sincere thoughts but please read with an open heart and an open mind that is seeking to really know the truth :
Permanent "goodbyes" are the hardest to say. Knowing that you may never see a person's face again on earth is hard when you love that person. Yet, really, the only permanent "goodbye" is when you spend eternity in a different place than that someone else you love.
If you're a faithful Christian and a faithful friend or family member dies we know that we shall see them again one day, it is a sad earthly day for us left behind but a joyous occasion in heaven. But, If you are not a member of the church of Christ that he gave His life for do you know the pain and suffering your loved ones will bear if you die in your sins? the pain of separation is very difficult to bear. You know you will indeed never see that loved one again. if you're not a faithful Christian and you die in your sins, I want you to think about this, not only will you suffer the pains of torment, but you will never again see your family and friends who have obeyed the Gospel. That kind of "goodbye" is permanent. Personally, I miss my family terribly if I have to be away from them for a few days. Imagine how that would be if separation was for an eternity. Thinking about these things should make us more sober-minded about what is to come and what we must do to prepare for that time (1 Peter 1:13; 4:7).
However, many of your relatives will refuse the Gospel, for we can not force anyone to obey the truth , but we can start building eternal relationships right now within your spiritual family (Matthew 12:46-50). The church of Christ is His body of faithful believers.
Jesus died so that we could live.
Remember, for Christians, "goodbye" is not forever.
We may part for a time, but not for eternity. Joy awaits us in Heaven.
However, for everyone else, "goodbye" will tragically be forever.
There will be no joy in Hell, only weeping and gnashing of teeth :(
We must choose today where we want to spend eternity.
We are responsible for our eternal destination.
Who will you choose? God or Satan?
Good bye for a little while OR Good bye forever?
Read Acts 2; Acts 8; Acts 22 just for starters.....
ask questions, seek the truth, obey God :)

By Penny Mae via Facebook, 3-24-17

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