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Ignoring The Elderly

Leviticus 19:32 "You shall rise up before the grayheaded, and honor the aged, and you shall revere our God; I am the LORD."

It seems that many people in our world are ignoring a great treasure. A treasure that could provide great benefits if we just paid attention. As we go through the various stages of life we see this play out in many ways.
The great treasure that we so often take for granted is our elderly folk. Some of them are treated with great respect, yet often they are mis-treated in so many ways. I heard of a situation at a busy restaurant where two young people who were waiting to be seated sat down and played on their cell phones. Meanwhile an elderly couple came in and were told to wait also. The young people did not offer their seats to them, but ignored them, even though the lady was using a walker.
As we grow and mature, hearing such things really disappoints us. It is sad our society fails to respect our elderly. They are the ones who brought us to where we are now. All of our blessings are here because of what they went through. There seems to be a common thread that once a person gets old and can no longer be productive in society, they are not useful and are really in the way.
Some of us appreciate the elderly because we are so close to being there ourselves. We are hoping that people will respect us for our knowledge and our concern for others. We know that the world could learn a lot from us, and we certainly feel that if we were put in charge a lot of common sense would return to our governments and businesses. We have so much to offer that goes mostly ignored.
I worked in a business where the older ones usually had the answers to problems and could remedy any situation and give guidance to the younger set. As I came closer to retirement, my views were not respected, even when the bosses agreed they were the right and best course of action. The younger ones wanted to do it their way and did not take any concern for how others would take it or if it would even be profitable. I also noticed that once the old guys were gone; they were forgotten and their sage advice was ignored. That is one reason so many companies are losing ground in the marketplace these days.
Our elderly have so much to offer us because of their experience. I guess our nature leads us to do things our own way. Sure they made mistakes and they learned from those mistakes, and the younger will make mistakes, and hopefully will learn from those mistakes. The worst mistake is to refuse sage advice.
The Bible tells us we are to respect the elderly. In fact, God commands us to respect them. Our world seems to want to be rid of them as soon as possible. Even some recent laws require the elderly to receive end of life options. Rather than suffer the pain and problems of old age, and the expense of medical procedures; it would be best if they choose to end their life than to put the burden upon society. After all, it is their society that they built, and they owe it to society to not be a burden upon it. <sarcasm, if you have not already figured it out>.
Please respect the elderly. You can learn a lot from them. Sure some of them may seem grumpy all the time, but most likely they are in pain and trying to hide it. May the Lord bless you with the same respect someday with the respect you show to the elderly today.
By Carey Scott.

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