Sermon after sermon has been preached on the evils of abortion. Yet, this practice continues to blight our nation. What can I do to help eliminate this infant holocaust?

Be Informed. My firm conviction is that abortion continues in our society because the largest number of people are not really aware of what takes place in the abortion process. Abortion is the termination of innocent human life. One of the biggest lies told in this whole controversy is that all that is aborted is a blob of fetal tissue. We are told that there are no human characteristics present in what is aborted. The evidence says otherwise. Anyone who will take the time to look at the pictorial evidence will clearly see that it is human life that is being snuffed out. These pictures are oftentimes graphic and difficult to look at. However, they are just what is needed to jolt some people into awareness of what is really going on in our neighborhood abortion clinics. Pamphlets are available to show the pictures of babies before and after abortion. These pamphlets also document the medical evidence which demonstrates the development of the unborn child.

Tell Others the Facts. It is not enough for you to be informed and to privately grieve over the tragedy of abortion. Tell good friends, neighbors and relatives what you have learned. Give them brochures and pamphlets that show the real truth. Don’t underestimate the power of truth. Years ago, I preached a sermon on abortion. One of our members obtained a copy of the tape and gave it to a pregnant teenage girl who was contemplating abortion. Upon listening to the tape, she made the firm decision to have her baby and to tell others what she had learned. She had been duped into believing that all the doctor was going to do was remove some tissue from her womb. In a similar occurrence our own Jodi Gilreath gave a speech in one of her classes recently about this subject. The girl who was supposed to give the opposite view followed and said she couldn’t bring herself to endorse abortion after hearing the facts. Spread the word. It does make a difference.

Pray. "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" (James 5:16). God is still on the throne and the "most high ruleth in the kingdoms of men and giveth it to whomsoever he will"(Daniel 4:32). Ask God to work through His providence to bring about a reversal of the present laws in our land. There is not an organization or group of activists on earth who can combat the power of prayer. Be active in prayer.

Write Your Lawmakers. Politicians listen to large blocks (sic) of their constituency because they know that the voters have the final say as to whether or not they are elected again. Obtain the addresses of your congressmen and representatives and write them a letter expressing your wish that abortion be outlawed in this country. Share with them the facts and material your have at your disposal. Be kind in your letter, and yet firm. Let them know that you expect come kind of reply and defense of their position if it is pro-abortion. Write the Supreme Court Justices and seek to influence them as well. Let your voice be heard.

Support Doctors Who Refuse To Do Abortions. Money talks. Imagine a pro-abortion gynecologist being told by dozens and dozens of patients that they could not in good conscience continue to support a doctor who helped to kill babies. What an impact that could have! This is something that could cause other doctors to think twice about being in the abortion industry. Let us bond together and fight against this menace to our society. Together we can make the world a safer place for children.

Written By: B.J. Clarke Bulletin Date: 6/13/2004 via Christian Worker (June, 2003)

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