James 2:1-4

Racism and bigotry are common sins; and they manifest themselves among EVERY race of men: White, Black, Latino, Asian, Jewish, Native American, etc. Sadly, many hate and mistreat those who look or talk different, or come from another country. The Bible teaches that such behavior is sinful! It’s rooted in the fleshly side of man, and often leads to greater sins. So, let’s examine WHY racism is sinful…

I. It violates the law of love
A. We’re commanded to love ALL men, w/o exception! (Rm.13:8-10)
B. We are even commanded to love our ENEMIES! (Mt.5:43-48)
C. We are to treat others the way we want to be treated (Lk.6:31)
D. Yes, this includes those of another race! (cf. Jn.4:5-9; Lk.10:25-37)

II. It violates the law of creation
A. Racism holds that one race was created “inherently superior” (?) to all others
B. But God says that all races of men are brothers (Ac.17:26) – what race was Adam? How know?
C. God also says that character counts – not outward appearance! (1Sm.16:7)
D. And, God says that there are “good” and “bad” in every race (cf. Rm.2:17-29)

III. It violates the law of impartiality
A. GOD is impartial toward ALL men (Ac.10:34-35)
B. And, He commands US to be impartial (Jm.2:1, 8-10)
C. He accepts ALL races of men in Christ (Ga.3:26-29)
D. And, He commands US to do so (Col.3:9-11; cf. Mt.28:19)

IV. It violates the law of decency
A. Some avoid those of another race (cf. Jn.4:9)
B. Others treat them differently (cf. Jm.2:1-4)
C. Still others hate interracial marriages (Num.12:1-2ff)
D. Many call names – e.g., “the N-word” (Ep.4:29; 5:4)

V. Finally, it is just plain insulting!
A. Racism is an insult to God, for ALL men are made in His image (Gn.1:26)
B. Racism is an insult to Christ, for he died for ALL men (Jn.3:16; 1Tm.2:5-6)
C. Racism is an insult to the church, for it welcomes ALL men (cf. Ga.3:28)
D. Racism is an insult to the human race; the only “race” that really matters!

We are not to be racist or bigoted in any way. IT IS SIN! Our judgments of others must be based upon truth and right, rather than pre-conceived ideas about others (cf. Jn.7:24). The very word “prejudice” suggests “pre” judging someone without taking all of the facts into consideration. Let’s take heed that we don’t fall prey to this deceptive sin & its evil consequences! Let’s love one another instead!

-- Lanny Smith

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