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Signs Of Spiritual Decay

• WHEN the way to the meeting house SEEMS TOO FAR,
• WHEN it seems TOO MUCH TROUBLE to get ready or to get out in the weather to go to the service,
• WHEN the singing comes HARD and SEEMS DREARY,
• WHEN the sermon seems much TOO LONG,
• WHEN you see much you DISLIKE in the brethren,
• WHEN the preacher’s or teacher’s lessons make you MAD,
• WHEN the members frequently say things that OFFEND you,
• WHEN the reading of the BIBLE is DULL and puts you to sleep,
• WHEN it FRETS you to be called on to GIVE more,
• WHEN you try to make EXCUSES FOR YOUR SINS and try to persuade yourself that God will NOT PUNISH or Judge,
• WHEN you feel you are being SLIGHTED & NEGLECTED,


(Author unknown)

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