This word has many different meanings to many different people.
To a parent, a lost child is a horrible situation.
A lost wallet causes many actions to be taken.
In describing the death of a loved one it is said they "lost someone dear to them".
Some people traveling get lost.
Then, some people have lost their minds as we say in a metaphorical way.
But the worst loss for anyone is being spiritually lost.
People get lost all the time, and many are lost spiritually.
Many know they are lost spiritually, but do not care to do anything about it.
But let us suppose they realize their lost condition, how do they find their way.
The first step is acknowledgement that they are lost. For why would they do anything if they did not know they were lost.
Second step is trying to figure out where you want to go. If you have no place to go, then perhaps you are not lost as we reason in our human minds.
Now for the spiritually lost, they realize that being lost is the same as being separated from God. What caused this? Their sins. Isaiah 59:2 tells us that our sins separate us from God. What can we do to find God once again? The answer is easy. Let God give you the directions. Call it God's GPS. Most of us know how a GPS works. We have them in our cars and telephones and computers. These contraptions are pretty smart. They not only can direct you to your desired destination, but they tell you how to get there, and which roads to take. Some are even sophisticated enough to warn you of traffic ahead, and seek a possible safe detour. But what good would this GPS device be if we did not follow it's instructions? Suppose you make a left turn when the GPS tells you to make a right turn. That delays your getting to your destination.
You see, God's Plan of Salvation (GPS) informs us what road to take and how to stay on it. The directions are given to us via the instruction manual, better known as the Bible. When one follows the guidance of the GPS and adheres to the rules, they will get to the desired destination of Heaven. But if they choose to go off course (because the Bible will never lead them that direction), they must either return to the right course, or be lost.
Here on earth if one is lost, they have many sources to turn to. They can ask for directions, or look up the directions. They can read a map, or make a phone call to get directions. And usually they find what they need in a short time. Many times, it does not bother us that much to know that we are lost. We know we need to get back on the right course, and we just need to find out as soon as possible, or we need to seek an alternative route to get to our destination.
But there is only one way to get to Heaven and that means going on the right route which takes us through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Him. (John 14:6) If we choose to travel a different path, or follow different rules from what God has already given to us, we will become lost.
Make sure you follow Gods GPS on your spiritual journey, and the desired destination will be there for you to enjoy. But take warning if you choose a different path.

By Carey Scott

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