Surrounded By Stupid People
This sounds like an odd title to draw attention to this article. Perhaps it will work, and perhaps people are so stupid that they will never know this article appeared in the newspaper. Our world is filled with stupid people. People that have no earthly idea what is going on, yet think that they do. People who just do what someone tells them to do without investigating for themselves.
We have watched for years the various interviews and answers to some very simple questions on the television. Questions are asked that you would think everybody knew the answer to. And the answers are so stupid that they are sometimes funny. Yes we get a laugh out of the answers, but it is really sad that people are so stupid and the problem is they do not really care that they are stupid. I think that some cultures encourage this.
You might be thinking that the "s" word does not belong in our vocabulary. I know many parents teach their children not to say the "s" word. Many years ago, the word was primarily applied to a person with a mental deficiency. These days the word is not reserved for those people, but is more of an insult towards people that do dumb things all the time. They stick their hand or another body part where it does not belong. They do not think before they act or say. They put themselves in danger by driving without paying attention what is around them, and they text while driving. Even though more and more accidents occur because of texting, people continue to do it. Some have literally lost their heads over such things. There was a picture I saw on the internet the other day of a car underneath the back end of a semi-trailer. The drivers head was in the back seat, and the phone with the text message was still in his hand. Drinking and driving is stupid, but many people continue to put lives in jeopardy because they do not want to control themselves. Television networks make money off of these people. Shows like "Worlds dumbest criminals" and other reality shows where people do dumb things for money. We recently saw the show Repo game. The premise is that people who can answer three of five trivia questions can keep their car. It is very entertaining how that show exploits stupid people.
Some say the definition of insanity is to do the same things over and over and to expect different results. Well,that is also stupidity at work.
How did people get to be so stupid? Obviously some of them started out that way, and never sought to improve themselves. Some very intelligent people do dumb things that are really stupid. But the main reason is the fact that they just do not care to learn anything.
In Proverbs 12:1, we read: "Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, But he who hates correction is stupid." (nkjv). I am sure that you can find many bosses that would agree this statement is very true. Employees reject being taught how to do the job correctly, and cannot figure out why they got fired from their job.
If you think this is a stupid article, let us turn it to spiritual matters. Some of you might be embarrassed if you were asked simple bible questions.
Christians are supposed to be filled with the knowledge of His will. While we may not know everything about the Bible, we should at least be knowing some things about God and His dealing with mankind. At the very least, every Christian needs to know the plan of salvation and be able to share it with others. Just go around and see how much bible knowledge there is in our society. While you will be amazed how dumb and stupid people are about the Bible, you should also be very afraid of this world. I am afraid that many in our churches are just as dumb when it comes to the Bible.
Once a people remove moral standards from a society, it collapses and deteriorates rapidly. Killings, rapes, theft, cheating, and so forth take place because the people have determined that there are no consequences to doing these things.
God has tried to correct human behavior through His word. Those people who actually study the word, have improved their lives. Those that reject God's word, have proven just how stupid they are. There will not be any stupid people entering heaven at the judgment day. Study to show yourself approved of God...
By Carey Scott

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