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Is Your Faith Wimpy?
The definition of "wimpy" is weak and fearful. An example would be to not fight back if someone is picking on or hitting you. Most people who wear the name Christian are in the wimpy category. I am sure that most of you consider yourself to have a strong faith if you go to church on a regular basis. Perhaps you actually do study your bible from time to time, and you think you have a strong faith. Maybe, you consider that if you give a lot of money into the collection plate that you are a very strong Christian.
It is so easy to measure ourselves against others because we can always find folks who are not faithful in attendance, never study, and only put a few coins into the plate. If this describes you, you are a wimp.
A strong faith is one in which the adherent takes a stand in spite of the opposition. We are commanded in scripture to stand fast and be immovable in our faith, but do we really? There may be a few from each congregation that actually takes God's command to be strong and put it into their own lives, but the majority of the members hope that they never have to have their faith tested. This is because they know down deep that they would fail in this category.
Fear sets in when we begin to think about what others perceive in us. We are fearful of persecution in all its forms. We are so fearful that we fail to share the message of the cross with those who need it most. We are so fearful that we let people talk about doctrinal error without opposing such false teaching. We are afraid to express our love towards God and our Lord Jesus (except in church).
A strong Christian is proud of their faith and works to share that faith with others. A strong Christian does more than just say things that are morally right. A strong Christian will challenge error when it is spoken from the pulpit. A strong Christian will not sit quiet when error is taught or the exposing of error is not. A strong Christian will not avoid any Bible subjects because it is too controversial or emotional.
If your congregation is not getting stronger or growing, there is a good chance that all the members are spiritual wimps. Yes, that includes the preacher! If your preacher will travel thousands of miles to preach the gospel in other countries, but does not walk across the street to invite someone for bible study, they are a wimp. If your preacher has a strong internet presence and helps thousands learn the basics of the gospel, but will not speak with his neighbor, he is a spiritual wimp.
2 Timothy 3:12 informs us that all who desire to live godly will suffer persecution. If you are not suffering persecution in any form, you are not living godly.
You see, the need is for people to live the life of a Christian instead of just wearing the name. We express in song so many times of standing up for Jesus, working for the master, living like Jesus, and joining the Lord's army, and so many more, yet we forget our words as soon as the final "amen" is muttered.
We all need to examine ourselves (2 Corinthians 13:5) to see if we are a wimp or a champion. We just may have to put down the remote control and go out and meet people who need the salvation that God offers.
Do you realize that caring for the souls of others and being concerned for their destination is a command of God? Failure to do so basically says "I don't care".
By Carey Scott

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