We Ignore God
God is everywhere. He is Omni-present. The Psalmist in chapter 139 writes of the presence of God wherever we go. God is near, and not far off. He is as close to us, all around us, and for some, even in us. Jesus taught that those who are in Christ also have the blessedness of having God the Father in them as well.
The truth of the matter is that while God is everywhere, He only occupies our hearts if we allow Him to come in. Our minds may pretend to host God, but our actions really determine whether we serve the God of heaven or something else. Romans 6:16 tells us that we are the servant of the one we serve. When we realize the presence of God, why do we continue to ignore Him?
Okay, we need to define who the "we" is of this article.
We as humanity have for the most part ignored the God of heaven. Humanity has chosen to do what they want to do with little regard for how God wants us to act, behave, and live. We as humanity go through our everyday existence giving little regard to God and His authority and truth as found in the Bible. People spend less time in Bible study and prayer and attending worship services than before.
Immorality is running rampant as a wild fire, but the hoses are being turned towards the bible beaters and those nasty old fundamentalists, telling us to respect their rights to practice sin. It is true that immoral people have rights. But the rights of Christians (who actually speak God*s truths) are being taken away at an alarming rate throughout the world.
We as a nation. It is obvious that honoring and respecting God is becoming more and more unpopular. Fewer people are professing a faith in God, and even fewer are willing to take a stand for the truth. Our politicians mock the Bible and make fun of it, and are praised for their words. Our laws are written to silence those who would promote morality and the truth of God*s words. As many people in times past used to call America a *Christian nation*, it is obvious that there is very little that is "Christian" that is being promoted these days by our leadership and our general population.
We in the community of faith. Sadly many who claim to be God*s spokespersons and spiritual leaders appear to ignore God with more frequency. Many of our preachers and teachers are leaving the word of God and substituting it with philosophy or comedy and books of supposed spiritual leanings, yet most leave out what is really important from God*s word. Even the commandments of God are treated with little respect from the pulpits of our land. Many pulpits are nothing more than political soap boxes and people seeking to promote some sort of social agenda. If the preachers would speak God*s truth and tell women that killing their unborn babies is murder, life might be more respected. If preachers would tell people that sex outside of marriage is fornication and will produce the wrath of God, there might be less pornography and prostitution. If preachers would teach us to love our neighbors, there just might be less robbery and hatred in our world.
The Bible says that the Lord is near and not far off. In fact the Bible says that the Lord is in our midst. He observes our every action and knows our every thought. And we will have no defense to offer on judgment day if we do not seek the Lord here and now.
Please take a few minutes today and read Isaiah 55.
We know that God is not willing that any perish (2 Peter 3:9). You must believe that Jesus is the Son of God and died on the cross for your sins. (Acts 8:37). You must repent of your sins (Luke 13:3), you must confess Jesus as Lord (Matthew 10:32) and you must be baptized for the remission of sins (Acts 2:38; 22:16). Then you must remain faithful and continue learning how to serve God(2 Peter 3:18).
Does *we* mean everyone has ignored God? No. Some of us who are Christians actually respect God and His truth. Will you come visit us and see for yourself that there are people still faithful to God. Remember that God is watching us with patience while the judgment is to come.
By Carey Scott

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