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Dirty Windows
The story is told of an old couple who have lived in a neighborhood for years. A young couple had just moved in next door, and they were not able to afford a dryer. As the young woman hung the clothes on the clothesline, the old lady complained that the young woman did not know how to wash clothes because the clothes she was hanging were filthy. This happened several times until one day the woman said that finally the young woman learned how to do her laundry properly because the clothes were clean. The husband explained to her that he finally cleaned the windows that were dirty. There is a point to this story.
How many times do we judge people through dirty windows? If the old lady had any concern for the young lady, she would have gone over to mentor and assist her, and would have seen that the clothes were indeed clean. How many times do we fail to assist someone who we feel obviously needs it, but choose not to get involved and are content to just complain about whatever? I would guess that it happens more than we are willing to admit.
There are times when we make judgment calls based on limited information. We might see someone doing a job the wrong way and talk about how dumb they must be. Perhaps if we had walked over there, we might find that they did not have the proper tools to work with. It seems we are all to quick to judge someone based upon their actions or appearance. We might complain about a person who wears dirty clothes and not even inquire if they have a washing machine or not. We might complain about any number of things which we feel should be done, only later to find out that they cannot do such things.
We see people who look normal and we expect them to behave and dress like normal people, but they require assistance to function in this world. We should be thankful that some people actually care enough to assist these poor souls.
How many times have we heard of people talking about us which hurt our feelings? We might have thought that if only they had asked, they would not have made the statement they did. Once again, this is a case of looking through dirty windows. Matthew 7:4-5 speaks of cleaning your own dirty windows before you complain about the other person. Well, not in those words, but hopefully, you know what I mean.
Matthew 7:2 tells us that we will be judged by the same standard of measure that we use. That should be a sober thought upon all of us, as I am sure I am not the only person who made judgments of others based upon limited information.
We must take caution when it comes to judging others. We must realize that others need to same benefit of doubt that you wish others gave you all the time. We must live a life where God will be pleased with us and judge us as righteous.
We all make judgment calls when dealing with others. We are told to judge righteous judgment. It is not judgmental to warn someone about the lifestyle they are living which leads them to hell. We can surely overcome poor judgment when we seek to help them.
By Carey Scott

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