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DeChristianizing The Church
Ever since Satan became an adversary of God, he has had a plan to keep people out of heaven. Since we are taught in the Bible that all faithful members of His church will be saved; it just goes to say that if Satan can keep people out of the church, they will be lost.
You can be sure that Satan is behind all of the problems that face the church today. To be sure, Satan has found ways to get people to reject the commands of God and get them to stay out of God's church.
Throughout history of mankind there have been those who despised God. There are many reasons for this animosity. Some did not want a controlling God telling them that they could not do the things they wanted to do. Some did not want to abide under any laws that were against them. While most realize they are lost in sin, they choose to downplay the importance of God. This may soothe their consciousness, but no amount of soothing will change God or His laws.
Some ridicule those who claim to believe in God. Certainly their best fodder is those who claim to be Christians, yet live like those who are not. Many so-called Christians do not realize that their unfaithful actions are the justification others use to refuse obedience towards God. If Christians were to imitate Christ as Paul did, they would be living an exemplary life in which no one could condemn them.
Those of other religions do not like the arrogance of those who say that Jesus is the only way to God in heaven. John 14:6 is very clear in this matter. Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and all the other religions cannot stand that Christians believe that salvation can only happen though Jesus Christ. Those who claim that Jesus is the only way do not speak arrogantly, but those who hear such, hear arrogance whether it is intended or not.
In the world of Christendom many do not like the fact that many in the true church teach that faithful obedience is necessary to get one into heaven. Of course, faithful obedience is taught and many do not want to be obedient in the way the Scriptures teach. Many in this world have found that entertainment and false doctrine is more suited for the appetite of the masses. Few are willing to tolerate the truth of God's word to even be spoken (2 Timothy 4:3-4). Some of these groups have dismissed the Bible altogether as being the inspired inerrant word of God. They choose to live the way that they want to live, and anything that disrupts that lifestyle must be ignored or refuted. As it turns out, these people are found to be wrestling with God, and God will not lose to anyone.
Even in the church of Christ, there are factions that want to dismiss certain parts of the Bible. They want to be like the denominations and appeal to the many by diverse ways. They find that preaching the plain simple gospel message does not draw crowds. So they find new ways which are not described in the Bible to present their message which is hoped that people will like them. Whether they learn to like and love Christ really does not matter to them.
Most of the world would be just as happy as can be if they could only remove Christ from the churches. If God could remove all His rules, the world would be a better place; or so they think.
By Carey Scott

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