Whose Side Are You On?
Often times, we are asked to take or choose a side. This may be in politics, sports, or even family disputes. And of course, when we choose a side, we are chided by the opposing side as a traitor, turncoat, or new enemy.
There are times when our choice becomes evident to those around us. Sometimes we keep our choice a thing of privacy as in what candidate you voted for. But can you imagine the hypocrisy when someone claims to choose one side but actually supports the other side? We know that sports fans can become fanatical in so many ways. But, imagine this: A person wears Washington Redskins paraphernalia all the time. Has a Redskins blanket and screen saver. He knows the stats of all the Redskins players and has little knowledge of the opposing teams other than they deserve to get beat.
Now, just imagine if this person told you they were a Dallas Cowboys fan. Would you believe them? Do you think any rational thinking person would accept such a statement from this person wearing a Redskins jersey? Of course not.
We can understand the utter stupidity of this scenario, but it is repeated when it comes to religion. There are many people who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ, yet their lives and fanaticism declare them to be of the world. Why do we say this? It is because of the evidence. Can you imagine the person in our scenario above going into a court of law and proclaiming to be a Dallas Cowboys fan? The opposing counsel would bring forth the evidence that the person is indeed a Redskins fan. The judge will review the evidence and there would be very little other than the word of the person, to suggest that this person is truly a Cowboys fan.
The same thing could happen in another court. You may tell God that you are a Christian, but Satan will bring forth evidence that you are not a Christian, but a fan of the world. You dress like the world, you talk like the world, you behave like the world, you think like the world, and that makes you a Christian?
Preposterous! We have a song with the title:
Who Will Follow Jesus". A valid question to be sure. The answer is the person who forsakes the world and offers themself to God. You cannot put God on hold like you do the person on the phone. God wants a commitment right now and it is your choice. To be a Christian in name only leaves one lacking in what God requires of them. Notice the words of the song:
Who will follow Jesus, standing for the right, holding up His banner in the thickest fight. Listening for His orders, ready to obey, who will follow Jesus, serving Him today. v2. Who will follow Jesus in life's busy ways, working for the Master Giving Him the praise. Earnest in His vineyard, honoring His laws, faithful to His counsel, watchful for His cause. v3. Who will follow Jesus in His work of love, leading others to Him, lifting prayers above. Courage faithful servant In His word we see, on our side forever will this Savior be. (Words by E.E. Hewitt)
There is much more to being a Christian than claiming to be one. Each soul that claims to be Christian needs to examine themselves to see if they could prove by their lives and their actions that they truly are Christians.
Throughout the Bible, God is constantly asking man to make a choice. God asks us to choose wisely, and correctly. It is not like there is any mystery surrounding the choice, because God has already told us which choice will be for our benefit, and which choice will be for our destruction. "Choose life or choose death" given to the children of Israel all those years ago is still a choice we deal with every day.
By Carey Scott

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