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We Need To Care

David, many centuries ago, seeking to escape the wrath of king Saul, hid in a cave. While there he offered a prayer to God, recorded in Ps.142:3b-4. He cried out to God, “…In the way in which I walk they have secretly set a snare for me. Look on my right hand and see, for there is no one who acknowledges me (is concerned for me – t.t.); refuge has failed me; no one cares for my soul.” His lament on this occasion could well be the cry of modern man.

Our world today seems to be so cold and uncaring. I have a couple of stories in my files that show this cold, uncaring attitude. Several years back, a story was reported in Los Angeles about a man dubbed John Doe #171, a homeless man who died with no one caring whether he lived or died. He died one evening, lying right beside City Hall. For several days his body lay decomposing on the lawn. During this time pedestrians ignored the decaying body, and the lawn workers simply watered around it. Think how sad it is, to die and have no one care about you. Yes, we live in a depersonalized society. This is true, especially in crowded cities filled with strangers. Our age is fast paced with people busily going their separate ways, having little time to be concerned about others. They are only concerned about #1.

Another story appeared a number of years ago in “The Miami Herald” that illustrates the loneliness many feel in our society. They published a sad story about a young lady living in Miami FL, named Judy Bucknell, 38 year old, attractive and a successful secretary. She was tragically stabbed to death, and there was no known family to notify. The police found her diary, which told of the loneliness and longing of a seemingly successful business woman. One of the excerpts was very revealing, “What about me! … Who is going to love Judy Bucknell? I feel so old. Unloved. Unwanted. Abandoned. Used up. I want to cry and sleep forever … I’m alone and I want to share something with somebody.” She felt no one cared about her.
This attitude manifested itself when God asked Cain, “Where is Abel your brother?” Gen.4:9. He answered, “I do not know…Am I my brother’s keeper?” Cain was trying to escape any responsibility for his brother’s death. He did not want to care. The same prevailing attitude exists today and shows just how corrupt and sinful people have become without God. If people in our society really cared about each, we would not have the civil unrest and moral problems we have now.

Even in the Lord’s church this attitude of unconcern seems to prevail at times. I’m not talking about giving financial assistance (for many do that). I am talking about personal relationships. Many Christians do not develop caring and concerning relationships with their fellow Christians. They are so wrapped up in their own affairs they find no time to personally care for other brothers and sisters in Christ. We all need to study carefully and take to heart such passages as Rom.12:15; 1.Cor.12:25-26; 1.Pet.3:8.

Imagine this situation. A family with several children has one they can barely remember, and most of the time they do not even know where he is. Or, a member of the family is sick but the rest of the family shows little interest in his getting well. Would you consider this to be a good family relationship? In the same way, the Lord’s church is the house of God 1.Tim.3:15; Eph.2:19-22. It is our spiritual family. Locally, we are part of a group or family. How much do we care for the welfare of the other members in the local family?

From what I have observed, the brethren here at Etna show a caring concern for each other, and I pray that it will ever be so. But since I write for a larger audience it may be good to make some points for brethren everywhere to consider. How well do you know all the members where you attend? Have you let them know you are interested in their welfare, their souls? How acquainted are you with the newer members? What about the ones who seldom attend? Others have quit. Some may be sick and unable to attend. Do you know these people? Have you bothered to find out why they are not present? Have you done anything to help them return and be restored? Have you shown them you care about them? When a member loses a loved one, are you sympathetic? Sometimes a person just needs an ear to listen to their problems. Do you furnish it? Sometimes all a person needs is a friend to be around when they are needed. Do or be that for them.

There may be times when we feel like lamenting like David, “no one cares for my soul.” We may feel no one knows who we are, what we are going through. We may even feel that everyone has deserted us, and there is nowhere to turn. Just remember, God, Jesus Christ, the preacher, fellow Christians are available to help you in time of need or trial. Take heart and realize that while many may seem to be uncaring, there are those who care for your soul.

It may seem difficult to find those willing to listen to the word of God. One thing that will work for Christianity today is a clean, moral lifestyle, practiced by people who care for each other. Many denominations are compromising with society and accepting immoral practices into their fellowships. As a result, sincere, religious people are being turned off by the acceptance of abortion, homosexuality, sexual immorality, et. Al. They want something better. As NT Christians we can offer them a proper moral lifestyle, by talking the talk, and walking the walk, by being our brother’s keeper. By showing them we care.

By Thommy Thornhill via the Etna Enlightner Vol. 2 Number 41 December 1, 2013

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