Scientific Versus What Really Happened

People need to know the difference between "scientific" and "what really happened". Today the word "scientific" is used to mean what can be proven by natural means. Science relies on the constancy of natural laws. But, what they don't often acknowledge is that "natural laws" have not always been constant. Science and the scientific method are limited and they work entirely within a box defined as "natural". Because of prior commitment to explain all things naturally, they are often just wrong about things of the past and how to properly evaluate it. The following is true:

1) It may not be scientific that Noah and his family and animals were sealed in the Ark, but it is what happened.

2) It may not be scientific that Moses could stretch out a rod and open the Red Sea, but it is what happened.

3) It may not be scientific that water can be turned instantly into wine, but it is what Jesus actually did.

4) It may not be scientific that a man could be made to walk instantly who was lame for 40 yrs, but it is what Jesus made to happen.

5) It may no be scientific that a man can be made in mature form from the dust and not through natural parents, but it is what really happened.

6) It may not be scientific that a woman can be made from a man's rib, but it is what happened.

7) It may not be scientific that a man could rise from the dead, but that is what happened.

So, let not people deceive you into thinking that "scientific" is the same as "factual", or that "scientific" is even better than "religious". "Religious" does not mean fairytale and make-believe. Although there can always be false religious beliefs. Naturalism is a false religious belief. Religion means what one believes, which can often be based in the strongest factual evidence, or can be based upon no evidence. The word "religious" does not mean "non-factual", but ones' choice of religious belief may be nothing more than superstition based on little to nothing or it can be based upon solid rock facts (Matt.16:18).

"Scientific" can and often does mean "any naturalistic explanation we can come up with, whether it is true or not". When one complains that creation is not scientific but religious, there is an element of truth to that. But, creation is factual whether it is "scientifically" validated or not. However, general macro-evolution is not actually factual and non-religious. There are religious elements to the naturalistic religious beliefs that inhere within the general theory. All-naturalism is not anything but belief or philosophy. Science cannot prove that all-naturalism is all there is. So, their very premise is not itself "scientific".

All it means, when they say Creation or the story of man's origin is not "scientific" is that they have not figured a way for it to be "natural" or according to the common way things are naturally done. Obviously our created world is most unnatural, and there are no observations of such a life-filled place commonly springing naturally into existence. The creation is supernatural, and the Lord Jesus believed the Genesis account of it, and in fact was the Creator Himself.(John 1:1-4). What is factual is what He said (Acts 1:3; John 20:30,31). What is commonly taught as "scientific" in regard to origins in school text-books is simply a false "naturalistic" explanation that is given because men got duped into thinking that "naturalistic" is "factual". No, naturalistic is simply philosophical, and a huge mistake in some cases, because God has indeed done many mighty works that cannot be classified as naturalistic or scientific. Do not be deceived by the philosophy of men (Col.2:8f). Science explanations may be one thing, and what really happened may be entirely something else, like what God said He did.

Terry W. Benton

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