Does It Matter?
We have an election coming up in our country. Does it matter which candidate wins? Depending upon your ideology you might think it does. If you are a Christian, are you going to stop being one because your candidate did not win? Are you going to stop being a Christian if your candidate does win? Hopefully, you will determine to be a Christian no matter who wins.
Does it matter if the law of the land allows same-sex marriage? Well it does matter that those souls will be lost. Will we have the courage to bring God into the discussion as God has already spoken out against such? It should not matter what man allows, what matters is what God has said.
Does it matter if everyone else sins all kinds of ways? Should you determine to not engage in such sin? Does it matter if the preacher tells people they are alright when they are doing what God has condemned? No matter what the situation, we must remember that God has already told us what is right and what is wrong. God has told us there are only two possible destinies. All souls will either go to heaven or they will go to hell. How they live their life will be a major determining factor of where they go. How they treat others will also be a factor in where they go. Whether they decide to obey God's word and teaching will be another factor.
In each of these questions of "does it matter", both yes and no can be correct. We each must decide if our response to the question is important to each of us.
God condemns homosexuality, and the government allowing the people to engage in such is abominable in God's sight. It should also be abominable in our eyes as well, because we are supposed to be on the same page with God. We are supposed to think the same way the bible teaches. Sure, we realize those who practice this sin are lost and will remain lost unless they stop the sin and turn to God. But if people want to go down that pathway, we do not have to join them. In Matthew 7:13-14, we are commanded to follow the straight and narrow way no matter what if we want to go to heaven.
It does not matter who wins the election because all true Christians know that God is in charge. This nation as a whole has chosen to follow the path of Israel of old. Everything the people do is an affront towards God. The people are rebelling against God. The majority of people in this nation do not recognize God as God. They follow the character that Paul wrote about in Romans 1:22-32. Israel of old did not survive, and unless God is allowed back into people's lives in this country, this nation will fall. The words of Isaiah 5 are appropriate here. "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil". Our society as a whole decries anyone who calls for goodness and righteousness, and they also glorify those who commit every abominable act that God has condemned.
The most important thing we must remember is that God's word does matter. What happens in the world may affect us in different ways, but if we are determined to live a life pleasing to God, our life will matter. Our life will matter to others if we can teach and encourage them to be faithful to God. Our life will matter if we set a Christian example that could guide others to seek God and His ways. Our life will matter if we encourage the church to remain strong and faithful. Our life will matter if we can guide our families and friends to the pathway of righteousness. Our life will matter if God approves of us and welcomes us into His joy of heaven.
By Carey Scott

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