Poems and Songs by Becky René

[Becky is the daughter of David Cambridge who preaches in England. Becky is an inspiration to all that know her as it is obvious she has dedicated herself to the Lord. She is very talented. She writes poems and puts them to music just like the psalmist did in the Bible. Take the time to enjoy and sing these songs. Becky gave me permission to put these on my site. Carey]

1. You Keep My Feet On Higher Ground
2. Dancing In The Way
3. Put On The Gospel Armour
4. Your Reward On High
5. Morning By Morning
6. I'll Fix My Thoughts On Things Above
7. Our Common Suffering
8. Praise God's Grace
9. O Jesus, You Are Worthy
10. I Love You, LORD
11. I Turn To You, My Father
12. I'm Trusting Jesus Every Day
13. In Memory Of The LORD'S Death
14. Serve Him With Gladness And Joy
15. I Will Look To My LORD
16. Come Quickly, LORD Jesus
17. The Feast Divine
18. We're Gathered Here Together
19. We Long To Depart
20. Call On Me

21. Support The Work
22. See Jesus
23. Just Like The Sunlight
24. For His Glory
25. What Can Compare?
26. It Is By Faith
27. The LORD Is Our Life, Our Joy, And Our Light
28. I Know That I Fall Short
O LORD Our God

Some other writings from Becky

O You Who Believe
You, Oh Lord

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