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Why God Will Destroy America
Many of us who live in America are afraid of the collapse of the United States of America. We are worried that the political forces will destroy it. We worry about foreign nations that want to destroy us. Ideologies keep pushing the limits upon what we can bear, and we fear socialism, Marxism, fascism and just about every other "ism" out there. But there is not anything to worry about from all of these things, because I believe if the USA goes down, it will be God who does it. Just like anything that threatens the earth is nothing compared to what God will do to it.
For many years, this nation proudly claimed a relationship with God. In recent years that relationship has become strained. And there is a reason for that strain. The people who have for so long enjoyed the blessings of wealth and prosperity are about to see those things disappear. We often bring up the past and look at history to see how things have happened in the past, and how they just might happen in the future if we do not learn the lessons of the past.
We can look at Jeremiah 9:13 to see why God destroyed Israel and we can see why God will destroy this nation in the future. Reading from the Contemporary English Version we see: "The LORD said: I destroyed the land because the people disobeyed Me and rejected My laws and teachings". There are many other passages in the Old Testament that gives reasons for Israel's destruction, and most of them are along the same line of reasoning
When we compare America to the nation of Israel, we see so many things that are similar. Yet there are many things that are even worse than the things the children of Israel did. They burned their children in the fires to the false gods. That was bad enough, but many people kill their children before they are born. Just about any sexual perversion exists today, and it is even promoted. Anyone who does not participate in this evil is looked down upon and sometimes cannot figure out why someone does not engage themselves in such immoral behavior. Peter said the wicked people will wonder why you do not follow with the same excess in their evil. In 2 Peter 2:10 we read: "The Lord is especially hard on people who disobey Him and don't think of anything except their own filthy desires. They are reckless and proud and are not afraid of cursing the glorious beings in heaven."(CEV). Does this not apply to people in our world today?
Without being too negative even though all the signs are present for the Lord to execute His judgment upon this nation, we have to wonder why this nation has not collapsed before now. I believe it is because there are still righteous souls in the land. You see, it would have taken only ten righteous souls to spare Sodom and Gomorrah. This nation has more than ten souls that are righteous, but we must beware that we continue to encourage people to maintain their righteousness. Many in our churches are turning their back on God and going off to find their own worldly pleasures. The remedy is as simple as to keep teaching the truth of God's word in as many ways as we can. If we can keep souls on the good side of God, perhaps our nation can be spared for now. If we value our land, let us do our best to maintain God's righteousness today.

By Carey Scott

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