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Learn To Control Emotions
This is one of the biggest problems for the human race. One reason it is a big problem is because very few in the animal kingdom experience emotions in the same way we do. Sure, we have all seen the crying elephants and pouting dogs. We have seen the devious ways of cats, and some we just figure are out to get us. All animals are preprogrammed to behave a particular way when the normal changes. We call this instinct. For the most part, we still do not know why certain animals behave in their various ways. Come to think of it, we still have not figured out the many ways of the human race.
People do things guided very strongly by emotions. These emotions were given to us by our Creator, but we must also remember that our Creator wants us to control our emotions. Failure to control our emotions causes us to behave in unusual ways, and often times hurt feelings or broken bodies are the results. Even death can come about if the emotions overwhelm the right (maybe we should say the wrong) person.
Our relationships are forged more because of emotions than any other factor. The company we keep is determined by our emotions and attitudes. Attitudes are really nothing more than expressed emotions.
There are good emotions and there are bad or negative emotions. Love is one of the strongest emotions while anger trails a very close second. The spectrum of emotions puts a challenge upon the human race. While we try not to hurt anyone's feelings, we still want to express our own feelings.
Most crime takes place when emotions are running very strong. Crimes of passion are directed by emotions that under normal circumstances we would keep under control. It is not good if we lose control of our emotions. Sometimes our emotional check is hindered by the influence of drugs or alcohol. This fact has been known for years and we see people behave in ways that are not normal for them.
Whatever emotions we may experience, we still have to keep them in check. The apostle Paul wrote to the Ephesians "Be angry and sin not; do not let the sun go down on your anger and do not give the Devil an opportunity". (Ephesians 4:26-27). When our emotions get the better of us, we lose control and are likely to sin. We punch someone in the face, tell lies about them, kill them, or find ways to hurt them anyway we can. All of these behaviors are described in the Bible as sin.
Another emotion we must control is love. Too often some misinterpret lust for love. While one person may think they love someone, that other person may consider the actions to be an obsession. This is usually the case with stalkers, and that never turns out good for those being stalked.
Sorrow is an emotion that can overtake us to the point of severe depression. Such depression has caused some to take their own life, and certainly becomes a concern for their loved ones.
Happiness is a very good emotion, but we must know that what causes the happiness needs to be a right thing. Sinful activity that causes happiness is not good.
So whatever emotions we experience, know that not controlling them is sinful. Remember that Satan uses every tool in his arsenal against us, and some of his strongest tools are the human emotions.
By Carey Scott

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