Another Chance Is Not A Do-Over

The term about a do-over comes from the game of marbles. If you remember shooting marbles, you might realize that the game was gambling in its purest form. You would shoot marbles, and each one you hit with your marble became yours, and if someone hit your marble, you would lose yours. Occasionally, one person might miss, and instead of living with such misfortune, they would demand a do-over. No doubt, such demand came from selfishness.
When we consider that we can never do a do-over in real life, we do have opportunities to correct past mistakes, and we often are given the opportunity to change our daily course of action. I recently came across a short article by Jeff Jenkins of Flower Mound Texas. It is short and to the point.
Every new day is God’s invitation for us to have another chance. Another chance to obey His Word, another chance to correct a wrong, another chance to repair a broken relationship, another chance to live a better life, another chance to tell someone about Jesus, another chance to help someone who is hurting and another chance to tell someone we love them. How blessed we are to serve the God of the second chance. How will we respond to the fact that God gives us another chance today?
How often do we realize our past mistakes and seek to correct them. As the article points out, we must know that God gives us a chance every day to make up wrongs done in the past. We cannot change what has happened, but we can change things that tell the person we wronged that we are sorry, and want to make up for it.
In reality, we all must face the fact that we have not done everything possible to show our best light. We fail at one point or another. Sadly, people hold on to our failures and might reject any attempt on our part to rectify the situation. In any case, we still must do the very best we can, and I am sure there is not a sane person alive who will say: "I cannot do better".

By Carey Scott

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