The Plan, Formula, Recipe from God

As mankind has progressed from the stone age, they have sought many inventions. Most of these were not beneficial to people, as many inventions led people into deeper sin. Yet when we get the brightest and best and put a group together to come up with ways in which success can be achieved, we find the most simple of plans.
We usually find these plans in a few simple step programs or formulas. The process from something such as a building being constructed and occupied must follow a simple plan.
First, Determine what the need is.
Second, get an architect to plan something to meet that need.
Third, preparation including getting the permits, buying the material, contracting the labor.
Fourth is the actual construction,
and Fifth, is the occupation of this building.
Obviously, one must follow these steps in order.
That makes sense, and this process is followed all the time, because it works.
This formula works in building a sports team, and you can honestly say that when we read of a team rebuilding, that is exactly what they are doing. Usually the GM is the architect of the program. Gathering the right people and getting them ready is the preparation, then the construction takes place. This is where they put the plan together and work together to build a team, then finally they put the team on the field and execute their plan.
This process also works.
But now, let us consider how to build a Christian. For the most part, we have failed, because we have not used the plans and formula that God gave us, and which the world recognizes as being a successful model of growth and development.
We fail at building Christians. Oh, we make Christians, by our teaching, but we do not develop them in a structured format. Somehow, we expect them to come up out of the water with every ability that those of us who have been Christians for many years would have.
Jesus talked about the seed that fell among the rocky soil. They were all excited, had a lot of zeal, but then when the going got tough, they gave up.
Every Christian needs to develop a plan that they can use to assist new Christians in their growth. Because, many new converts want to do right, but they meet the frustration of not being able to handle tough situations.
Titus 2 teaches us that the older Christians should teach the younger Christians. Well, not in so many words, but read it for yourself. The older men to guide and counsel the younger men, and the older women to guide, train, and assist the younger women not only in Christianity, but everyday life.
God gave us the plan, and we need to execute such plan. We have far too many people who are baptized, and lose interest in the church so very quickly. Let us all learn what we can do to assist young Christians, and perhaps we will learn some things ourselves on this journey.

By Carey Scott 2/14/2011

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