You Owe It To Yourself
Usually when we say this phrase, we are talking about a vacation for the workaholic. Sometimes a person who is always doing for others just needs some "me" time and we encourage them to sit back and relax or go to a spa or do some other enjoyable thing.
What we should really be considering with this phrase is in view of the fact that there is a God, and God has given us His word in the Bible, and we will stand before God when we die and give an account of our lives. We owe it to ourselves to be ready for judgment. We owe it to ourselves to be considered faithful by God so that we can enjoy heaven, and not have to suffer through an eternity of hell.
We owe it to our children to teach them about God and respect for others. We teach them to treat others kindly, and things will go well for them. If we care about their souls, we will take the time to warn them of what happens when people sin against God. Yes we owe this to everyone.
We owe it to our society we live in to be a good citizen and abide by the laws of the land. To help our neighbors in time of need, and to come to the aid of those who might be suffering. We would want them to do it for us, right?.
We owe it to ourselves to make sure we are heaven bound. This will only happen to those who obey the Lord in all things, and is found faithful to His word. We must take inventory of our lives and our characteristics to see if we are in the faith as mentioned in 2 Corinthians 13:5.
We must come to a better understanding of ourselves, to recognize the good qualities, but also our shortcomings, and make adjustments where necessary.
We owe it to God to be good citizens in His kingdom, because God paid a tremendous price to offer us His grace. His only Son was offered as a sacrifice because we chose to sin.
We owe it to ourselves to not be filled with pride. We must use our gifts and abilities for God's glory and not our own. Thus we need to humble ourselves before God and man. Jesus taught us to deny ourselves. This just means that God and Jesus are more important than we are, and we show Them we love Them by keeping Their commandments.
We owe it to our fellow Christians in church to live a good honest life, that is befitting a good name that fellow members will be proud to be associated with us.
We owe our eternal soul the hope of salvation by doing God's will on a daily basis, and by serving God with our whole heart and mind. Seek God first in all things, practice His righteousness, and God will take care of you. That is what you owe yourself.
By Carey Scott

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