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Is Armageddon Coming Soon?
The world seems to have many theories about it and what will happen when it comes. What I am going to offer to you is a simple explanation. Many people will not like this simple explanation because it does not fit with much of the theology that has been promoted over the years. Some will not like this explanation because it will expose them as false teachers who are exploiting the times to get rich or gain power over others. It appears that much is said about something that is only mentioned once in the Bible.
In Revelation 16:16 we read: "And they gathered them together to the place which in Hebrew is called Har-Magedon". The footnotes make mention that some translations use the term, "Armageddon". The context in Revelation suggests that a great battle is going to take place here. Realizing that much of Revelation is symbolic in language, we look to the deeper meaning of what this is all about. As we look at the opponents in this great battle we have the depiction of Satan, his demons, and his followers all taking up battle against the Lamb (Jesus Christ) and His followers. To put it simply, this is the battle between good and evil.
When will this battle take place? It has been happening from the day of Pentecost after our Lord died on the cross. This battle takes place all the time. Whenever someone has to make a choice of doing what is right and what is wrong, they are in the battle of Armageddon.
Where does this battle take place? It takes place in the heart of man. James 1:14 speaks of the fact that a man is enticed by "his own lusts". Every time that a person chooses right over wrong or wrong over right, this battle takes place. Galatians 5:16 speaks of the war that we are involved in between the flesh and the spirit.
Those looking forward to a worldwide battle called Armageddon are going to be disappointed. The battle has been taking place since the church began nearly two thousand years ago. This will upset a lot of people because many have a financial interest in having a great war with the nations of the earth battling this great battle.
Speaking of nations, many assume that the great battle will involve the Americans, Russians, Chinese, or some of the Arabian nations. Not so. In the history of the Jews, we read of nations as being surrounding peoples, yet when we get to the prophetic writings, it almost always speaks of nations not as being a specific culture, border, language or laws; but as people from every background and place. This is easy to see the word as applied to the "nation of Israel", or the "nation of Egypt". Yet when prophecy speaks of all nations coming to the mountain of God as we read in Isaiah 2 and Micah 4, it is obvious that everyone will be allowed access to God and the salvation offered by Christ regardless of their nationality.
To explain the end times and discuss the possible interpretations of the passages in Revelation can be easily applied to any scenario someone wants to offer. Yet when we speak in spiritual terms instead of physical terms, it makes a whole lot more sense. My friend, you are engaged in this battle whether you want to be or not. The only question for you is whose side you choose to join. Evil, wickedness, darkness, or sin over righteousness and obedience to God. Your eternal soul depends upon the choices you make every day.
By Carey Scott

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