The Omniscience of God

I accept with a great deal of humility, the offer to write an article on this great subject. I have contemplated for many hours how I will try to explain my understanding of this subject. The best that I can do is to fail miserably in even coming close to explaining the full impact of such a subject.

It is absolutely beyond human comprehension to fathom all of the intricacies of this subject My first thoughts on this subject brought me to the harsh reality that there is not much to say. In the simplest of terms, "GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING - AND WE BETTER REMEMBER IT".

"The secret things belong to the Lord our God…" Deut 29:29. God has chosen to reveal just a small portion of His infinite knowledge. What He has revealed has been done so for the purpose of teaching us (humanity) lessons to be learned. As we read from the pen of Paul; "The things written aforetime were written for our learning…" Romans 15:4. In fact, every word of God recorded in Scripture is written to instruct us to remember our God, and our subjection to Him (Ecclesiastes 12:13).

Just try to imagine this. Every word ever written on paper, wood, papyrus, bathroom walls, chalkboards, computers, typewriters, or wherever is known by God. Every word ever spoken, and for that matter, every word that will ever be spoken by anyone in any language is already known by God. Add to this fact the knowledge that God knows the number of hairs on your head, as well as the number of cells within each strand of hair and the number of atoms and molecules of each. As we continue, God also knows every thought that has ever come out of the mind of any and every man (human) (Jeremiah 17:10). And, He is aware of every emotion that has ever effected your actions.

There is implication that God knows our every thought and would even know what our thoughts and actions would be if our circumstances were different. Many of the readers who read this article will consider themselves in good standing with the Lord. Many of them have their hearts purified with a clear conscience, and are interested in the things of God in order to learn how to be pleasing to Him. We can all be thankful for our present condition; also realizing there is room for improvement.

It also appears to us that God chooses NOT to know certain things. We may appeal to scripture in Genesis 22:1-12 where Abram attempted to offer Isaac and God made the statement "Now I know…"appears. I might suggest that God DID know already the actions that would take place, and God DID know this before He laid the foundations of the world. We read in several places where God deals with the children of Israel, and does something for them as a test "to see if they would be faithful" (i.e. the instructions pertaining to the collection of manna). Well, God already knows everything, and it would be foolish to suggest otherwise. A word of caution though. We must never confuse foreknowledge with foreordination. The false doctrine of Calvinism is based upon that misconception.

We must remember though, that the Bible was written for OUR instruction, and not God's. God already knew what Abram would do, but Abram was not sure if he could make such a sacrifice. We learn many lessons from that story about making the ultimate sacrifice for God if necessary. (And then we thank God because it is not necessary).

The placing of tests upon God's chosen ones was not to see if they would obey Him. God already knows the answer to those questions. The test was for the benefit of those being tested. When students in school take their tests, they are not trying to teach the teacher. The teacher is trying to show the students that they actually learned something in the class, or in preparation for the test. No test benefits the teacher (unless they are measured by how well their students perform).

The greatest lesson for us to learn from this study is the fact that God (being 'omnipresent') is everywhere and sees all things. In our hustle and bustle world, we sometimes forget that God is there wherever we are. God is there in the Movie Theater watching what sort of stuff you are filling your mind with. God watches what you watch on your cable TV programs. God hears your conversations, and knows your thoughts about others. God knows what you are reading and thinking.

When we think we are alone and nobody is watching, we might tend to get naughty. But if we will remember that God is present, we should behave ourselves much more excellently. With the knowledge that God KNOWS everything, it should serve as a deterrent to keep us on the straight and narrow.

We allow Satan to fill our minds with the absence of God. Because we do not see Him and do not hear Him in a physical sense, we allow our minds to think that He does not know what we are doing.

Does anyone really think that God was unaware of what Adam and Eve were doing after they ate the fruit? Do the questions in Genesis 3 make sense from God's viewpoint? No! You will notice that the questions were offered to Adam so that Adam would realize the sin that he had committed. The questions were also for our benefit as well.

Our "whole duty" is to fear God and keep His commandments. Let us remind ourselves daily, hourly, and by the minute if necessary, that we are in the presence of God and we must behave with respect and awe for His majesty.

James 4:8-10 "Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye doubleminded…Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He shall lift you up".


By Carey Scott

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